Women’s Barça, from heaven to home with another win

While Barça tries to assimilate what happened on March 30 – achieving a world attendance record with 91,553 spectators at the Camp Nou – the season progresses at a frenetic pace for the team he manages Giraldez, that fights to maintain unbeaten in the league competition in a context that is drawn increasingly hostile.

And the team, however, demonstrates knowing how to put itself before the vicissitudes and always keep its feet on the ground. And he does it with a overwhelming rout to Villarreal (6-1) this Saturday.

“The Camp Nou gives us visibility and an iconic image. An enormous force. But the important thing is that it is always like this. And to this day the Johan Cruyff is not full for every game. Therefore, we have to go there”, Explain strong ellen, the vice president of Barcelona.

The Barça players have already landed in their reality after reaching a historical record in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. From the full 91,553 spectators at the Camp Nou to play in front of 3,999 fans at the Estadi Johan Cruyff.

So the words of strong ellen They reflect the disparate reality that Barça players live today. And the need to be clear about where the team is in order to be able to move towards the point they want to reach.

Giráldez, far from detracting from today’s figures, praised them. “Today we played in front of 4,000 people, which is also a very high number. The complicated thing is to adapt to play in the Camp Nou in front of 90,000 people. On a mental level, it does require preparation because it is something we are not used to. But the players adapted very well,” he concluded.

Pina’s hat-trick rescues Barça

In recent games, the players are proving to be earthy. Despite maintaining brilliant numbers in all three competitions, they are being forced to come back from games, something that did not happen at the beginning of the campaign. And Villarreal has not been the exception either. A goal of Salma Paralluelo from outside the area he kept Giráldez’s team below the scoreboard during the first half.

However, it didn’t seem to be a problem. Claudia Pine. The Barça squad is acquiring a vital role in the team. And she has shown it once again scoring a hat-trick in just a quarter of an hour (m. 47, m. 49, m. 63) that completely changed the course of the team.

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Crnogorcevic (d. 61), narrow (d. 66) and Hansen (m. 72, from a penalty) joined the party organized by Pina putting the 6-1 on the scoreboard and reaching the twenty-sixth consecutive victory of the season.

Everything happened in a furious start to the second half so as not to spoil his trip to the sky of the Camp Nou. At their home in the Johan Cruyff, they returned to sign another goleada. From 5-2 to Madrid to 6-1 to Villarreal.