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the season of psg has been marked by the tremendous failure they have experienced in the champions. The Parisian team finished second in the group after being overtaken by manchester city and that caused that, after the repetition of the round of 16 draw, they were framed with the Real Madrid.

The Gauls promised them very happy when at the break of the second leg they saw themselves with two goals ahead and with a Kylian Mbappe stellar. However, the white team settled the tie in 17 minutes for history and completely changed the future of their rival. This course, after the change of venue due to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine caused by Russiathe venue for the final had changed from St. Petersburg to Paris.

Therefore, the challenge of raising the orejona was more important than ever. PSG’s multi-million dollar project had its most important objective since the arrival of the economic potential of Qatar. But the fall in Santiago Bernabeu It has marked the beginning of their end. Now they only have to finish winning one League 1 that they have on track and start looking at their new era without Mbappe. The one who should be the leader of his project will leave without receiving anything for him after having rejected up to 200 million euros this summer. And someone has to pay for such a huge disaster.

Mbappe, Leonardo and Al-Khelaifi


There are several named, but the first of all is Leonardo, the club’s sports director and the head of the team, along with Mauricio Pochettino of everything that happens with the team. The Argentine coach is sentenced and the Brazilian is the head that Nasser Al-Khelaifi he is going to hand over the Emir to justify the disaster.

The president is unhappy with the latest investments that Leonardo himself has made and that have not allowed him to fight for a Champions League, with only one final disputed since they landed in the city of the Eiffel Tower. For this reason, he is already thinking of possible substitutes and the first name that has been put on the table is fabio paraticinow in the tottenham.

The globetrotter Fabio Paratici

Leonardo has an expiration date and the one chosen to replace him seems to be Fabio Paratici, current general director of football at Tottenham. He is a person with extensive experience in this type of management and who has now become one of the strong men on the board of Daniel Levy. He is the leader of the new London club project together with his coach, antonio conte.

One of the main inconveniences for his arrival is that he has just arrived at the White Stag Lane and it would be strange if he put an end to his adventure to start a new project in Paris. But perhaps the persuasive work that Nasser Al-Khelaifi can carry out and, above all, those that can be done from Qatar, can change his ecosystem, the one that has already changed with his departure from the juventusclub where he spent more than a decade.

At 49 years old, the figure of Fabio Paratici could be defined as that of a true football globetrotter. He was during his modest career as a player and could also be during his career as a manager. He started his career in the Plasencia in 1989 and went through up to 12 teams in the 15 years that his professional career lasted. The most outstanding appearances of him were his passage through the Sassuolo and the palermo.

Fabio Paratici and Andrea Agnelli

Fabio Paratici and Andrea Agnelli


He retired at the age of 31 after coming and going from clubs to find his true success in offices. He began his career as head of scouting for the sampdoria where he already collected his first recognitions until becoming a key figure within the management team. There, the union of him with Giuseppe Marotta It was essential for his career to take off.

His progression made another great tycoon of Italian football like Urbino Cairo become interested in her figure, leading to a great battle to get her services. Finally, Fabio dodged the offer of the Turin and ended up moving in 2010 to the juventus from the hand of Marotta himself. There she formed a tandem with him and, later, with Andrea Agnelli.

This adventure lasted 11 years until on May 26, 2021, he ended up leaving the club for a few weeks after confirming his arrival at Tottenham. A trip that he has only been on for a few months and that could now be interrupted by the temptations that could soon arrive from Paris.

Hard hand and seriousness

The arrival of Fabio Paratici at PSG would be that of one of those characters that the world of football always hides and that does not usually appear in the media. His profile seems totally opposite to that of Leonardo, a much more open person, used to appearing in the media and who usually wears a smile on his face. Not now, that everything is black clouds on his horizon.

Paratici, in addition to being a totramundos, is a soccer sufferer, a tireless worker and a person who does not have time for everything that is not his job. Hard hand for PSG. Everything that is said about Fabio in the world of football is work and more work. For this reason, it is not strange that he spends the day calling players, coaches and other football agents whatever day and whatever time it is. If he has something to do he doesn’t rest until he closes it.

Fabio Paratici following a football match

Fabio Paratici following a football match

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Also, he never rests. He spends a large part of the day watching football, especially in Europe and in Americato control all the young talents that emerge on the planet. And when he doesn’t it’s because he’s traveling to get something for his club. Those who work with him affirm that he never stops and that he spends 24 hours living for and for football and for his management tasks. They consider him a true addict.

To his credit, during his time at Juventus, signings such as those of Cristiano Ronaldo, Andrea Pirlo, Carlos Tevez, kingsley eat OR Paul Pogba. Contracts achieved after tireless dedication. They say that his phone never rests because he is always talking to representatives, players or coaches, always looking for new projects or new signings. A non-stop that makes it almost impossible to locate.

In addition, until his arrival in England, he did not have the popular communication application WhatsApp. That made it even more difficult to locate him. With his phone waiting all day for big calls and without being able to send him a message through this social network, whoever wanted to find him had to do the impossible. However, this summer, the Tottenham management forced him to also open this popular communication channel to make it easier to reach him. He now has WhatsApp, but it still works the old way.

This is Fabio Paratici, a strong and strict personality who focuses on his work and isolates himself from the rest. An atypical sports director, since he does not live locked up in his office, but rather he is one of those who is usually seen in the locker room, dealing with the players and knowing the details of the squad. And that is what PSG and Nasser Al-Khelaifi are now looking for, a person who takes charge with a firm hand and a lot of knowledge.

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