Alexandre Guimarães presses for his arrival as coach of América de Cali


The departure of Juan Carlos Osorio as coach of América de Cali was presented as one of the most important news this week in Colombian football, it generated all kinds of reactions, but at the same time it was presented as a novelty that had been sung for several weeks. for the American awnings, who only saw bad results in the process of the former World Cup coach.

Although costly was his exit, there was no other remedy for said disease. Paying the technician a figure of more than 1,000 million pesos, now the directors must think of a new helmsman for the process, which can lead them to achieve the expected results for the future.

As revealed in recent days by Tulio Gómez, the institution’s top shareholder, the new name will be released to the public next Monday, April 4, thus implying that there are already direct approaches with a name that satisfies the obligations of the scarlets.

Alexandre Guimaraes spoke about his former team. – Photo: Dimayor Press

Although the “owner” of the scarlet club has not wanted to confirm the name of the future coach of Los Diablos Rojos, he did affirm that it is close to materializing and that he believes that 95% of the fans in America will be happy with the decision .

Although there is still a lot of speculation, what Gómez said opens the possibility that the new coach for América is Alexandre Guimaraes, who is no stranger to the possibility and, in a brief conversation with the newspaper The country from Cali, has revealed that his arrival does not depend on his arrival and it should be the team from Cali who gets in touch to establish the link that will return him to the institution after his successful passage between 2019 and 2020: “Soccer is a little box of surprises and let’s wait for America to take the first step”.

Other candidates to reach the bench

Within the Colombian names sounds Harold Rivera. The last team that the Tolimense led was Santa Fe, whom he saved from relegation in 2021, but with whom he could not go very far in the Copa Libertadores.

Rivera was also a coach for Deportes Tolima, Patriotas and Unión Magdalena.

Wilmer Cabrera also plays for Colombia, who was an idol in América de Cali obtaining two titles. As a coach, he has spent much of his career in the United States, passing through clubs such as the Houston Dynamo, Chivas de USA and is currently with the Río Grande Valley FC.

The foreign name, and also the strongest according to the sports portal, is that of the Uruguayan Paolo Montero, who was fired in 2021 from the San Lorenzo club and is unemployed.

He also directed Peñarol, Rosario Central, Colón and Boca Unidos. in conversation with antenna 2He assured that he is proud to be on the list of the Colombian team, which is very important in the region, but he stated that he preferred not to comment much because of “football codes” and respect for Osorio.

More names could also be sounding on the list in the coming days, while the directives define the best to recover the team.

Now, after what was great news for the majority of fans in America, the question arose of who would be in charge of assuming the reins of the team for the next games of the Colombian league.

Well, the club within the official statement reported that Pompilio Páez, Osorio’s technical assistant will be the helmsman for the game against Millonarios, a key duel in the aspirations of the “scarlet” squad that is on the verge of elimination.

Páez has had a long history on the bench of different clubs and national teams around the world. Millionaires, Atlético Nacional, Once Caldas and the Mexican National Team were in charge of this man after Osorio left each of them.