Dibu Martínez revealed the name of the Whatsapp group of the Argentine National Team

Dibu told various details of the intimacy of the Albiceleste. Among them, the name of the chat that the footballers share and what Scaloni thinks of the nickname “La Scaloneta”.

This Friday the Qatar 2022 World Cup Draw was held, the Argentine National Team you already know your rivals and Emiliano Martinez, In addition to revealing what was discussed in the chat of the National Team players after the draw, it also He told what this group is called and what Lionel Scaloni thinks about the already famous nickname “La Scaloneta”.

“It happened to us after the Cup, that between all of us we sent each other photos of where each one was, if he was eating barbecue with the family or those things”commented in the first instance Dibu in dialogue with Hey, to then bring to light what the group is called and who was in charge of putting it together: “The WhatsApp group is called Copa América, we put it for the group and it stayed like that. Paredes put it together for a barbecue and it stayed.”

Likewise, the goalkeeper of the Aston Villa of the Premier League and cornerstone of the national team, said that in the concentrations of the Albiceleste he always plays “to the trick with Marchesín and Musso” and confessed two hilarious reactions from Ángel Di María in the penalty shootout against Colombia in the 2021 Copa América: “Di Maria told me he was sick after the game with Colombia,” and I add: “Ángel didn’t understand how he could be talking to the Colombian player while he was kicking, heh.”

Dibu Martinez and Messi

Dibu Martínez and Scaloni’s reaction to the Scaloneta

“Scaloni does not like that we screw him with the Scaloneta”, Emiliano confessed about the nickname that Argentine fans gave the team and that had such an impact. In addition, he was very blunt when talking about the thoughts of all the soccer players that make up the Argentine National Team: “We have our feet on the ground and we are going to fight, no smoke. Let people stay calm, the kids are hungry and claw. We want more”.

What was discussed in the chat of the players of the Argentine National Team after the draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Emiliano Martinez revealed the talk that took place in the internal chat of players of the Argentine National Team after the draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. “Everyone is happy with the group. It’s nice to think about what’s to come. Anyway, we are going to go game by game”stated in statements with Hey.

meThe goalkeeper of the albiceleste team highlighted that “there comes a time when you no longer know if the rival you are playing is good or bad”. Furthermore, he added: “I got more nervous than in a match. There is a lot of anxiety about being my first World Cup. We are going to have a fucked up area, but a nice one”.

Regarding each of the countries to face in the first round, Dibu Martínez was forceful. “I don’t remember watching Saudi Arabia, so maybe I watch something now. The other day I saw Poland and with Mexico maybe we will play a friendly (it was finally suspended) “manifested.

The goalkeeper also referred to the importance of the debut and slipped that “If you don’t win the first game, your body of questions fills up.” Meanwhile, he added: “Some raise the level in the group stage. In a World Cup you have to beat them all. We have to finish first in the area”.

Dibu Martínez’s reaction when Mexico came out in the group of the Argentine National Team

How was Dibu’s reaction when Mexico came out in the group with Argentina


How was Dibu's reaction when Mexico came out in the group with Argentina

When and at what time does the Argentina National Team play in the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

  • Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia | on 11/22 at 7, at Lusail Stadium.
  • Argentina vs. Mexico | on 11/26 at 4 pm, at Lusail Stadium.
  • Poland vs. Argentinian | on 11/30 at 4:00 p.m., at Stadium 974

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