Does ViX comply with increasing the exposure of the Liga MX Femenil?


On Thursday, April 31 and to everyone’s surprise, TUDN announced that their games in the Women’s MX League they would no longer be broadcast on cable television and can only be seen through the application vix. It is not the first experiment of this television station with the League and it seems that it is still not going very well.

The objective of TUDN according to its narrator Alfredo Tame, this “will make games reach more people, more countriesthat the soccer players and the League will be better known worldwide“. But how true is this?

The positive part of the change is that the application is free (for now) and the Matchday 14 allowed us to watch three matches through it: Necaxa vs. San Luis, América vs. FC Juárez and Pumas vs. Tigres.


What happened to TUDN and how was the change from Liga MX Femenil to ViX announced?

The transmission rights of the Liga MX Femenil are divided depending on the clubs, TUDN, which now broadcasts on ViX, has seven teams: America, Pumas, Necaxa Cruz Azul, Juárez, Toluca and Tigres. Until March 31, the matches could be seen on the cable TV channel and in the case of the top champions, also on Afizzionados.

This will no longer be possible, since the ViX application will take each and every one of the matches of the women’s tournament, as well as the Expansion League. The worst part is that the announcement was made on the same day as the change and took us all by surprise.

Daniela Espinosa's 'taquito' goal and Fer Elizondo's great moment on Matchday 11 of the Liga MX Femenil


This is how ViX worked during its first day of Liga MX Femenil

The reality is that among all the complications, Necaxa vs. Atlético de San Luis was the game that suffered the most. Several fans did not find out about the change due to the urgency of the noticeOthers struggled to connect the app to their devices, and according to comments on social media, most of the problems appeared with Android users.

And no one is exempt, because the goalkeeper Renata Masciarelli shared on social networks that she could not access the signal from your television. She is one of the soccer players who gives the League the most momentum outside of his participation on the pitch and she was the same as all of us.

Not yet compatible with all Smart TVs

Contrary to what was said on the day of the announcement, ViX is not available for all Smart TVs and consequently, neither do the contents of Liga MX Femenil. We try to download it in three different brands, but none of them show the application in their respective store. Likewise, in social networks there were comments about the same situation and the thing is that it is not a problem of television, but of the promise that was made with the change.

The first day of transmission there were errors and not all of them were corrected during the day, since almost all the screens were left without the signal from ViX until Saturday at Pumas vs. Tigres.

Some users on social networks questioned this point and the answer was that the people of ViX are “working to offer you the best experience”, but while there were already those who missed Liga MX Femenil matches.

Did ViX and TUDN comply with increasing the exposure of the Liga MX Femenil on its first day?


It is no longer possible to watch more than one game at the same time

Some are going to say that we are wrong, but there goes the explanation of this point. Certain pay television services have the option to view two channels at the same time. For example, on Mondays the activity usually gets together and there are games on TUDN and Fox Sports at 7:00 or 9:00 p.m.

When changing the signal from TUDN to ViX, it will be necessary to watch the games on two different devices and if you only have one television, you will have to choose between one or the other.

Confusions when opening ViX and searching for Liga MX Femenil

During the first day of transmission of ViX in Liga MX Femenil, fans struggled to find matches. This happens because when you open the application or web page, the channel that appears is Zona TUDN and the games do not go there.

Instead, you have to find the “Channels” tab and select Sports. There you can see all the programming of Liga MX Femenil and Liga de Expansión.

Did ViX and TUDN comply with increasing the exposure of the Liga MX Femenil on its first day?


What does TUDN broadcast instead of Liga MX Femenil?

It seems that the new original content of TUDN will be exclusive or almost exclusive to ViX, since the spaces that the Liga MX Femenil usually occupies did not have live programs.

While the matches corresponding to Date 14 were being played, the TUDN channel even broadcast broadcasts of the same League.🤦🏻‍♀️ This is how the first day was and there is no other choice but to give them the benefit of the doubt for the second day (15th of Clausura 2022) that will be played from April 16 to 18.