El Fabril beats Arzúa and does not give up fighting for the playoff

Week of six points for Fabrilthat after beating Choco last Wednesday (0-3) this time got rid of an Arzúa 2-0. Goals from Yeremay and Jairo unbalanced the balance in a duel with few chances. These two triumphs allow him to stay alive in the fight for playoff positions.

  • brave team. It was the Chollas team that, structured in a 3-4-2-1, went out to press very high and only made a line of 5 when Fabril was able to sink it with long possessions. In the beginning, he left his three center backs man to man with the three local attackers. For his part, Gilsanz, with four youth players in the initial team, did not change the usual scheme and started from 4-2-3-1 in which Jairo played the “8” and Nájera moved freely in the playmaker position.
  • Juniors break the pressure. Despite the high pressure from the visitors, Fabril was able to come out playing in a high percentage of the plays. Three names stood out there: Barcia, Jairo and Nájera. The center-back was the most successful in the ball exit and continually broke lines both in passing and driving. The midfielder gave continuity to the game in all his actions and was continually associated with the next protagonist: Nájera. The mobility of the Rioja player, who alternated appearances behind the rival midfielders with breaks behind the central defenders, caused many problems for the visitors.
  • local effectiveness. El Fabril combined, reached the three-quarter zone but could not find the last pass, however there is a footballer in the subsidiary who does not need it. Yeremay Hernandez received at the peak of the area, overwhelmed Bilal and Diego Enjamio, who came to help, ran over the Canarian winger: Penalty. Peke himself was in charge of transforming it into 1-0. Then came the best chances for the visitors. In the first, David García grazed the top corner in a free kick. In the second, Chiño received a long pass and went toe-to-toe with Brais with the ball bouncing, perhaps because of this the definition was not the best and the keeper won the game. In the second half, despite the change in rival structure (change to 4-3-3), the same script was followed and the first occasion ended in a local goal. Barcia searched long for Mella who, after winning the race against Bilal, served for Cambón, he opened to the other band where Yeremay was waiting, on the 10th he cut the defender and shot with his left leg, Jose Ramón rejected the first shot but the ball remained in the feet of Jairo who made it 2-0 to an empty goal. With the second goal, the match lost intensity and only Mella, who fell asleep in the area after a gift from the rival defense, and Davo, shooting on the half turn, had chances to move the scoreboard.

The Factory, which will play again this Wednesday in Carballo against the Sofan in a postponed match, they are 8 points away from the playoff positions with one game less than the fifth-placed team.

Data sheet

factory: Brais; Guerrero, Juan Rodriguez, Barcia, Iano; Brais Val, Jairo (Sanmartin 82′); Runy (Mella 59′), Nájera (Barba 59′), Yeremay (Víctor 73′); Cambon (Davo 73′).

Arzua: Jose Ramon; Bilal, Aleix, Diego Enjamio, Marcos (Vilar 46′), Viqueira; Bird (Gabarre 59′), David García (Pedro 73′); Inaki, Brais; Chinese

goals: 1-0, Yeremay from a penalty (min. 19). 2-0, Jairo (min. 66)