Europe vs Numancia, Juampa Barros turns the score around

Min 56: NUMANCIA IS VERY CLOSE TO THE THIRD PARTY! Bad pass from the Europa defense to their goalkeeper who narrowly missed out on the third red goal. We are experiencing the best minutes of Numancia in the match.

Min 54: Yellow for Lupu since according to the referee he has simulated a penalty. What a weird move!

Minimum 53: Center of Europe that catches without problems Isma Gil.

Min 51: The Argentine winger volley impales a shot against which Sergio can do nothing. GO GOAL! How well the second half begins for Diego Martínez’s team and how the whole team celebrated!


Min 50: Another corner for Numancia.

Minimum 48: Clear the local defense.

Min 47: First corner kick of the second half for the rojillos.


Min 45: REST IN BARCELONA. EUROPE 1-1 NUMANCIA. After starting losing with an own goal by Adri Crespo, Jaume Pol put the tables to do justice. Gather strength and we’ll see each other again in fifteen minutes with a second part that is exciting.

Minimum 44: Jordi Tur was unable to combine with Carrillo when the midfielder sneaked into the local area.

Minimum 42: Center to the penalty spot that clears the Soriana defense with a header. Follow the tie to one a few minutes to reach the break.

Minimum 39: Carrillo’s center to the second post that goes along the bottom line.

minute 37: Dangerous center of Europe that Isma Gil clears with fists.

Minimum 34: Center to the penalty spot that the red winger masterfully finishes off at the far post without Sergio being able to do anything. In this way, Numancia put the 1-1 on the scoreboard.


Min 32: Very dangerous foul at the front of the area for the sorianos.

Minimum 31: Very good play by Carrillo that ends in a shot that hits the Europa defense. The midfielder is remembering the player who shone in his first games with the Numancia shirt.

minute 28: Carrillo’s shot that goes very high. The sorianos do not find the way of the goal.

minute 26: Shot by Jordi Tur from the edge of the box that goes wide.

25th minute: Clear the back of Europe.

Min 24: Another corner for Numancia.


minute 21: Juampa’s low shot that has passed very close to the Europa goal. The ball has gone to a corner after touching a defender.

Min 19: Foul by Carrillo when he was going to shoot in the Europa area.

minute 18: San Emeterio’s center that goes down the baseline.

Min 16: Europa has been very close to putting the two to zero with one against. The Catalans have looked for the pass of death but no striker has arrived to score the second goal in their account.

Min 14: Juampa Barros shot from outside the area that goes high.

Min 12: Aguero’s shot that ultimately clears Europa’s defense. Numancia is trying in these minutes with several occasions.

Min 10: CARRILLOOO!!! Volley shot from the midfielder that passes very close to the crossbar. The rojillos came close to equalizing with a very good play at the far post.

Minimum 9: Corner kick for the Catalans that ends with an own shot by Adri Crespo. A bad start for Diego Martínez’s men in their fight for direct promotion.


Minute 7: The ball goes directly to a corner.

Minute 7: Missing for Europe in three quarters of the field.

Min 5: The first of Europe!!! Shot from the edge of the area that Isma Gil catches without any problems.

Min 3: Footters is having broadcast problems. Despite this, we are going to try to tell you everything that happens in Barcelona in a very important game for Numancia.

Minimum 1: Diego Martínez will try to break the line of five of the Catalan team with the control of the ball and with the quality of Carrillo in the playmaker.


11:55 a.m.: The Catalans will start with: Sergio; Cano, Campeny, Uri, Reina, Martí, Pau López, Castillo, Coro, Nolla and Ricky Vidal.

11:50 a.m.: Diego Martínez will jump with: Isma Gil; San Emeterio, Borja Vicent, Adri Crespo, Jaume Pol; Cotán, Jordi Tur, Carrillo, Juampa Barros, Agüero and Lupu. Several changes compared to the last league match in search of solutions to win again.

11:45 a.m.: Good morning and welcome to a new broadcast of the Numancia matches. The rojillos will try to get the three points from Barcelona to continue fighting for a very expensive direct promotion at the moment.