Fiorentina also wants Guedes, says Carboni

That there is going to be a Guedes soap opera in the summer no one doubts. In Italy they are clear that it is a priority objective for Roma. Within these market movements, Madrid is looking for information about the Portuguese star of Valencia and there the connection is clear: Amadeo CarboniValencian and Roman legend. When asked about the matter, the brave side left pills and messages such as: “If Roma takes him, Mourinho seems to me the ideal coach to make him explode, among other things, Mendes takes him”

He has said it in an extensive interview in Il Messagero where Carboni defines Guedes as “the classic winger, who can do anything anywhere, has a shot, vision of the game, dribbling… and he is a boy who has not yet expressed everything its potential, you have to complete it”. In his report, Carboni, who lives outside of Valencia for work, recounts that “when he arrived in Valencia he did a tremendous feat, but last year due to injuries he missed a bit and now he’s back, he has impressive talent.”

However, the most surprising thing is when he reveals a new suitor for Guedes: Fiorentina. “He was very interested, he reminds me of the first Cancelo. Spalletti called me from the side and asked me what I thought, I told him that he was a diamond in the rough, the same as Guedes.”

“Fiorentina was very interested in him, he reminds me of the first Cancelo. Spalletti called me from the side and asked me what I thought, I told him he was a diamond in the rough, the same as Guedes.”

Carboni describes Guedes

there is case

With LaLiga Santander yet to be decided in every way, a Copa del Rey final just around the corner and Valencia CF still on time for everything, one thing is clear for the summer market: there will be ‘Guedes case’. The Portuguese is completing an excellent season with 13 goals and five assists and this does not go unnoticed by the big clubs in Europe. How are you reporting? ValenciaRoma wants to sign the Portuguese and as the weeks go by, more details are revealed that come from Italy and confirm that Guedes is the first name that the Roman team has on its list to reinforce the team. Now, Valencia CF will ask for a minimum of 40 million euros to let him out.

Anil Murthypresident of Valencia CF, unveiled at the end of February that in January the Mestalla team had a firm offer for Gonçalo Guedes to leave the club but that it was decided not to transfer him to try to find a good sporting result. In this sense, it should be remembered that, as already published Valenciain conversations between Valencia CF and the Rome by Carles Perez and Diawarathe name appeared Goncalo Guedes. Those are two of the names that Roma manages to tempt the Mestalla club. What’s more, super sport Also note the name of Ebrima DarboeGambian midfielder.

Guedes celebrates in Mestalla (Photo: Valencia CF)
Guedes celebrates in Mestalla (Photo: Valencia CF)

Carles Pérez, the name
Of all of them, the name that most likes in Valencia is Carles Pérez, right winger of AS Roma is the option that Valencia CF worked in January as an alternative to Bryan Gil. The club had been working on signing him for weeks since he is a man of consensus, that the coach likes and that the technical secretariat of the Mestalla team worked to bring him on loan. Finally, the club decided to wait for Tottenham and his response by Bryan GIl that he is the one who came on loan but whose continuity in the summer is a chimera.

Carles Pérez (Photo: Instagram)
Carles Pérez (Photo: Instagram)

The timing of the operation and the market value of Guedes

The market specialist journalist, Nicolò Schira assures that Roma set a date for their offensive for the Portuguese. Specifically, it will be during the next month of April when talks begin with his agent, Jorge Mendes, knowing that Valencia will put him on the market for an initial price not less than €40 million. Not in vain, the club rejected in the two previous transfer windows offers that were close to 30 million knowing, as it has been, that Guedes has revalued himself and a lot this year.

The last update of the price made this Monday returns Guedes to the numbers that brought him to Valencia. His goal against Elche was the culmination of another fantastic week in which the Portuguese striker has skyrocketed his market price. Specifically, according to the specialized portal Transfermarkt, Guedes is already worth €40 million.