from “Boca es incredible” to “La Bombonera really beats”

Five years have passed since he left Mouth. However, Rodrigo Bentancur will always be part of the club: because he came from the Casa Amarilla quarrybecause he was trained as a person and also as a footballer in the corridors of the Bombonera and because every time he can he publicly remembers his time in Argentina and Xeneize. As it happened this time where The 24-year-old midfielder sent greetings for his 117th birthday and at the same time reviewed some of his moments with the blue and gold shirt.

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“The experience was very good, Boca is an incredible team. It has a unique stadium and fans. I was lucky enough to live there for seven years, to do all the youth and spend two and a half years in the first team, the feeling is very nice”, were the words that Bentancur dedicated to Xeneize in the official Spanish account of Tottenham.

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Rodrigo arrived at the age of 12 from Uruguay and immediately became part of the family of Mouth in inferiors. Without a doubt, He was one of the boys who stood out the most not only in the Lower Leagues, but quickly in the First Division, where he arrived at the age of 17 and debuted with Rodolfo Arruabarrena, on April 9, 2015, no less than in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores against Montevideo Wanderers. Later, he would play 66 games in total, he would score a goal against Newell’s (the only one with the blue and yellow shirt) and he would win three titles (Championship 2015, 2016/2017 and the 2015 Argentine Cup).

“I made my debut at the Bombonera when I was 17, it was incredible. It’s true what everyone says, tremble. The truth is that first I had to live it as a ball catcher and as a fan and then live it from inside the field is a unique experience. There is no fan like that of Boca”, added the Uruguayan who this Sunday was a starter in Tottenham’s 5-1 win against Newcastle in the Premier League, a game from which he left with an ovation at 30′ of the ST.

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The fortune that would enter Boca for Bentancur

Rodrigo Bentancur left Boca directly to Juventus and from there he would begin a career on the rise in Europewhich would also be a springboard for him in the Uruguayan team, where he is one of the players who got the ticket to the World Cup in Qatar this year in the last double date of the Qualifiers.

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After several seasons at Juve, It was Tottenham who set their sights on Rodrigo and not only took him to England, but also gave him good news Bocathat he would receive a fortune for that pass.

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There are 24 players who appear on Battaglia's concentrated list: Pol Fernández is not there, nor are those who have been suspended.

There are 24 players who appear on Battaglia’s concentrated list: Pol Fernández is not there, nor are those who have been suspended.

To find out how much money the Argentine team will receive for this sale, you have to go back to the agreement that was made in 2017 when Juventus took Bentancur. The Italians paid 9,500,000 euros and Xeneize also kept 50 percent of the player’s financial rights. And not only that, but also at the time of agreeing on the transfer, it was stipulated that if the footballer was not sold in the first three seasons, As of 2020/21, the Vecchia Signora was obliged to pay Boca 2,000,000 euros per year as a “loan” (it would have already received the first installment).

Well, in clear numbers: Boca is responsible for 50 percent of those 19 million euros that Spurs paid minus those two sticks that the Italian club would have already given him for the initial agreement. In other words, for the sale of Rodrigo to the Premier League, Xeneize would receive a figure close to 10,000,000! euros, which in pesos sounds much stronger:

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These numbers are a blow to Boca’s coffers, they can place the sale of Bentancur as the most expensive in the club’s history: It would be within reach, or almost equal, with the 27 million dollars that Real Madrid paid for Fernando Gago in 2006. Not bad, right?

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Bentancur debuted at the age of 17 in the Primera de Boca (in 2015).  In total, and until 2017, he played 66 games, scored a goal against Newell's and won three titles.

Bentancur debuted at the age of 17 in the Primera de Boca (in 2015). In total, and until 2017, he played 66 games, scored a goal against Newell’s and won three titles.