Javier Aguirre debuts in Mallorca and loses to Getafe

Javier Aguirre debuted on the Mallorca bench with a defeat bitter against Getafe (1-0), who missed a penalty in the second half and who reacted with the entry of Gonzalo Villar, key in his team’s victory with a stratospheric assist to Borja Mayoral.

Villar is a ‘rare bird’ at Getafe. Definitely, no other in the Madrid club’s squad has his class. He is a great player in full formation who had not had many minutes since he arrived in the winter market. Sometimes, it was inexplicable. And, against Mallorca, when Getafe could not find solutions despite playing with one more man due to Russo’s expulsion, appeared to save his team with the collaboration of a real ‘killer’ like Mayoral.

Before, the script of the game was different. Aguirre’s debut arrived, who in just over a week understood perfectly what Mallorca’s problem wasa sink behind. In fact, it is the second team, only behind Levante, with the most goals against. The result of his first diagnosis moved him to the pitch and he set up a five-man defense with midfielder Iddrisu Baba at the center of the defence.

It was not the only novelty of the Mexican coach. In addition to changing the drawing of Mallorca, he placed new pieces on the table. In part, forced by the casualties (Valjent, Jaume Costa and Raíllo). But also bet on other players and up to six names looked like a novelty compared to the eleven that lost against Espanyol (Maffeo, Russo, Olivan, Battaglia, Salva Sevilla and Fer Niño).

His tactical change caused a monumental traffic jam. Suddenly, both Getafe and Mallorca had the same system with a very crowded defense. But there was a difference: Quique has been with the same drawing for 22 games, while the Mallorca players were facing something new.

There was also a similarity: the absence of Jorge Cuenca due to suspension forced Quique to place another midfielder in central defense. He bet on Okey, just like Aguirre on Baba. The Turk came out worse off, he looked much less confident than the Mallorca player, imperial against Enes Ünal, and was about to give David Soria a scare in some erratic delivery.

That was practically the only chance for Mallorca in the first half. Nor did Getafe have more. Only Enes Ünal, with a free kick that went wide, came close to the goal defended by Sergio Rico. And it is that, playing football with two such defensive systems, was almost impossible. Consequence of so much conservatism, the initial act ended without shots between the three suits and with a relevant fact: nine yellow cards.

So many warnings scared Quique, who after the break moved pieces apparently without a tactical intention. Juan Iglesias by Damián Suárez and Borja Mayoral by Sandro. Side by side and front by front. Outside, two of those who had cards. Just in case.

Aguirre reacted almost the same. Front by front. Angel entered by Fer Niño. And nothing changed. Life continued just as boring at the Coliseum until the key move of the match came in which VAR came into play. With less than half an hour to go, the referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz did not see a penalty for a possible hand by Russo to a shot from Enes Ünal. After reviewing the images, he changed his mind and, in addition, expelled the Mallorca defender.

Then, Sergio Rico became a giant with a huge double stop. First, he took the penalty from Enes Ünal. And, later, on the rebound, he saved Olivera’s shot, who sang a goal with a powerful left foot that ran into an impressive hand.

The succession of events provoked Quique’s reaction. Finally, with one more man, he decided to change the system. He removed two midfielders like Gonzalo Villar and Óscar Rodríguez, removed Maksimovic and Okay and formed a 4-4-2. He had twenty minutes and one more man to attack Mallorca’s iron resistance.

If Getafe’s ‘plan A’ failed, plan ‘B’ worked. Gonzalo Villar’s entry was key. His magic appeared when Getafe was up to its neck in water. With eight minutes to go, he leaked a spectacular pass to Borja Mayoral, who broke Sergio Rico’s net, unable to get another saving hand. It was enough. Getafe broke a streak of six games without a win and was placed six points from relegation. Finally, he breathed easy and transferred the oxygen bottle to Mallorca.