La Ponferradina faces its first final today against a rival launched

Ponferradina and Las Palmas meet this afternoon in El Toralín with the promotion playoff as a backdrop. The Bercianos face the match as the first of the nine finals ahead of them to defend their place of privilege, while the Canaries arrive ready to continue climbing positions and with the possibility of getting within a point of sixth place if they win (follow the match live on

The three points seem essential to a Sportswoman who has gone five days without a win and has seen how her pursuers have cut the gap to jeopardize the playoff spot they’ve held all season. Bolo, Yuri and Ríos Reina went out this week to ask for the support of the fans to turn El Toralín into a cauldron that would carry the Blue and Whites into history.

In the countryside, Bolo will not be able to with three regulars in the eleven, Agus Medina, Sergi Enrich and Copetein addition to Saverio, who had been his ‘player number 12’. The coach recovers Amir to defend the goal and will not make any more changes than are essential to make up for casualties: Amo will accompany Pascanu in defense, Paul Anton will continue to play alongside Erik Morán in midfield and Edu Espiau will once again be the couple of Yuri at the tip of the attack.

Las Palmas, meanwhile, wants to continue on the path of victories in which he walks after being fourteenth on matchday 31. From that moment and with the promotion to nine points, the yellows changed the discourse, from fighting for a place in the playoffs to game by game. And it was to change the approach so that the victories came, two in a row, in Pucela against Valladolid and at home against Leganés.

And like the Second that gives a thousand rematches the grancanarian stage has radically turned aroundand from almost ruling out a fight for the promotion to seeing himself with the possibility of finishing the day with a single point in just three days. However, the yellows go to Ponferrada with a low profile, since García Pimienta pointed out in the preview that no matter what happens, Las Palmas will leave Toralín below Ponfe and with a long way to go.

So that, the meeting is proposed from a possibilistic perspective rather than mandatorydriven by the fresh air given by the last two consecutive victories at the hands of Armando Sadiku who has accumulated three goals in recent games. To do this, the yellows will want to continue their good run clinging to the Viera, Kirian and Jesé and trying to close the goal as they have achieved in three of the four trips since García Pimienta took charge of the team.

Ups and downs

The Ponferradina He recovers Amir, although he will not have Agus Medina and Sergi Enrich, injured, or Saverio and Copete, suspended. On the palms Moleiro returns, but Loiodice, Peñaranda and Hernani are out, all for physical reasons.

match keys

To earn. Ponferradina needs the three points after five games without a win to recover sensations.

Defending. The Blue and Whites have conceded five goals in the last two games, a drain that they must stop to aspire to victory.

Aerial game defense. The yellows have managed to stop the bleeding of goals conceded from set pieces, this has been essential for the stability of the team in recent games.

Style. Las Palmas were able to submit to Valladolid and Girona the phases that controlled the game, as soon as they lost possession their shortcomings came to light.

aces to follow

Yuri. The Brazilian wants to put the team on his back to fight for the playoff until the end.

sadikú. The Albanian has been a fundamental piece in recent games, materializing the chances generated that the Canarians have missed so much throughout the league.