Liverpool is at the top of the Premier League, why didn’t Luis Díaz play?

Neither Luis Díaz and, much less, Liverpool will give advantages in the remainder of the Premier League season. This has been demonstrated during the morning of this Saturday (April 2) when they have known how to suffer against Watford, but in the same way they have asserted the locality to get the three points at Anfield, which allows them to continue in the race to achieve the objective of championship.

A team Red with the ambition for several days to snatch the advantage from Manchester City and that has been achieving it thanks to its outstanding regularity in recent games, contrary to the level that the citizen team has had, which has left points along the way and has allowed the guajiro’s team to approach dangerously.

After an outstanding participation with the Colombian National Team, where only disappointment remained for not having reached the final objective of qualifying for Qatar 2022, Lucho joined group training with his team this week, without any news of a problem Physical, he was summoned for the game on day 31 and hours before it the German strategist, Jürgen Klopp, announced the team where the Colombian was not a starter.

After the victory that the red team achieved at home, the coach appeared before the media and was consulted about the Colombian not being present for a single minute on the pitch, to which he replied: “Luis Díaz is on the bench because he was in Colombia. It’s always complicated. We had to wait until the last minute, really, to make decisions.”

Chronicle of the match:

After a hard-fought 2-0 victory against Watford (18th), who are fighting to avoid relegation, in the first match of matchday 31, Liverpool provisionally took first place in the Premier League, displacing Manchester City .

With 72 points, the Reds only have two more than the Citizens, who also visit penultimate this Saturday, Burnley, when the first two will meet in eight days at the Etihad, to take an important step towards the title.

But before projecting into that crucial matchup or even into the Champions League quarter-final first leg against Benfica on Tuesday, Jürgen Klopp’s men had to beat the 18th and relegated Hornets with 22 points. .

“Two big months ahead. This week can decide quite a bit about what the ending will be like. The boys created a great base of play and now we must use it,” said Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

With three points less, but three games more than Everton, which precedes them in the standings, the permanence will undoubtedly be difficult for Watford, although the game against Liverpool may give them hope of staying.

Lacking physical reserves, understandably after international matches, the Reds had trouble destabilizing their opponent and appearing dangerous.

The game could have changed course in the middle of the first period, when Watford’s Slovakian midfielder Juraj Kucka, having recovered a ball, lost his one-on-one with Liverpool’s Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker (22).

Just 34 seconds later, at the other goal, the Portuguese Diogo Jota headed in ahead of goalkeeper Ben Foster to cut off Joe Gomez’s cross, placed on the right to alleviate the absence of Trent Alexander-Arnold, and opened the scoring (1 -0, 22).

Kucka was the unlucky hero for Liverpool, as he caused, at the end of the match, the 2-0 penalty, converted by the Brazilian Fabinho, for a foul on Diogo Jota after a corner (89).

Watford may also regret a great chance missed by Brazilian Joao Pedro shortly before the hour mark, but even a Liverpool far from 100% was still too strong for him.