More value than prize for Real Zaragoza

did not win the Royal Saragossabut he deserved it against Tenerife at the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez and in a duel where he had more and better arrivals and in which he lacked efficiency, with a good approach from JIM, with two forwards and a 4-4-2 with which he had more presence up front, and a good response from the team to the problems that the clash was generating, more incisive until the break and more withdrawn and sober afterwards. The point of that 1-1 in another context would be excellent, against an enemy in promotion, in the current one it is insufficient. His seventeenth match of the course, a solo historical record, leaves him, now, in no man’s land little by little that those above add up when there are only eight days left and appears the sixth place to seven points while waiting for the results of this Sunday. It already seemed impossible before. Now, it is.

Zaragoza came out better in Tenerife, he was able to strike first and he knew how to do it through Vada in a magnificent counterbut his inconsistency, especially in the balls behind his back, led to an immediate tie with Tenerife, de Shashoua, and, in the second half, with the team further behind, but with quick transitions and with more offensive presence, should have sealed the victory and failed to do so.

JIM surrendered to the evidence of Iván Azón’s ownership and the Alicante surprised Tenerife with the design of the match, playing with two forwards, the youth squad and Álvaro, and tilting Vada to the left so that Eugeni could change and stand next to Zapater in a 4-4-2 that in the offensive phase tried to accumulate more people inside, although Zaragoza he was sharpened from the beginning by the bands, especially in Borja Sainz’s, very active, and with shipments that always found soccer players in the area, a real joy. One from Chavarría, for example, was touched by Álvaro, Azón and even Borja Sainz.

Borja Sainz starts a counterattack with Rubén Díez behind. THE LEAGUE

The plan worked well from the outset, although Zaragoza’s initial danger came in the strategy, with Eugeni as pitcher. A shot by Zapater that neither Azón nor Borja could take was the first warning, although Francés and Álvaro also finished off two header corners later. ANDl Tenerife was quick to respond and the dispute was back and forth. Pomares hurt Borja’s lane and behind Vada’s back on the other flank doubts also arose between Jair and Chavarría.

goal against

Shashoua and Elady led the rival attack, but it was Zaragoza, in that punching duel, that struck first. A great opening by an inspired Vada at the start of a counter ended in Borja Sainz and in a center that Iván Azón finished off for Soriano’s rejection and that Vada, later apologizing for his chicharrero past, sent to the net in minute 15. However, Zaragoza, happier on the offensive side, was not sober at the back. The blanket theory, you know. It didn’t take long for Tenerife to tie, just six minutes. A move between Corredera, tireless, and Pomares with Sainz watching ended in the center of the side that Andrés finished off badly, but very well shashoua. The game, after the frenetic start and the exchange of blows, slowed down until the break, although Corredera feinted with a good shot and Eugeni, with less offensive presence due to his position than on other days, had a shot that went wide. little bit.

In the second half, Bermejo and Sabin Merino came on for Vada, with adductor discomfort, and Álvaro and Zaragoza improved with those changes


In the second part, JIM’s Zaragoza gave another version of his bet. He fell back, gave up meters under pressure and had plenty to throw on the counter. Thus, he deactivated a Tenerife in which neither the entry of Álex Bermejo first nor Moore and Rubén Díez later managed to break Zaragoza’s good disposition. Jim resorted to russet by Vada, with discomfort in the adductor, Sabin Merino for Álvaro, two changes that improved the team in the last half hour of the duel.

withdrawal and arrival

A center by Chavarría was cleared by León with Merino to finish off and the Basque striker, very active and without fortune, badly finished off a good header by Eugeni after sending Jair. Zaragoza kept Tenerife at bay and had meters, as Azón had in a long ball by Borja Sainz where the striker showed power and touched the ball before Soriano. The foul, outside the area, was orange, with interpretations for all tastes of the danger of the action if the battering ram had surpassed the goalkeeper. Gálvez Rascón thought it was yellow and Vicandi in the VAR, red. He went to see her and the referee decided to maintain his criteria to the anger of the Zaragoza fans.

The last few minutes, with Lluís López in the middle and with Nano Mesa at the top along with Sabin so that Nieto and Chavarría had the double wing on their left foot, showed a better Zaragoza against an incapable Tenerife. Nano Mesa was able to score and failed against Soriano, who repelled a very clear shot with his chest to the center of Sabin Merino. That’s where the victory went. That is where the last hopes of reaching the promotion train probably went.

Data sheet

C.D. Tenerife: Soriano; Mellot, Sergio González, José León, Pomares (Moore, m.68); Andrés (Mollejo, m.76), Alexandre (Pablo Larrea, m.81), Aitor Sanz, Shashoua (Rubén Díaz, m.68); Elady (Bermejo, m.46) and Mario González.

Royal Saragossa: Christian Alvarez; Fran Gámez, Jair, French, Chavarría; Zapater, Eugeni (Lluis López, m.76), Borja Sainz (Nieto, m.87), Vada (Bermejo, m.62); Álvaro Giménez (Sabin Merino, m.62) and Iván Azón (Nano, m.76).

Goals: 0-1, M.15: Vada. 1-1, M.21: Shashoua.

Referee: David Gálvez Rascón (Madrid Territorial Committee). He admonished the local Soriano (m.73) and the visitor Bermejo (m.68).

Incidents: Match of the thirty-fourth day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium before 12,089 spectators. Before the match, a minute of silence was observed for the recent death of the father of Mario González, a Tenerife player.