Real Madrid: Result, Video Summary of the LaLiga Matchday 30 Match

Celta de Vigo has lost 1-2 against González Fuertes’s Real Madrid. The Asturian referee attacked the team led by Eduardo Coudet in an undignified manner, annulling a goal by Thiago Galhardo, due to Aspas being offside, considering that he was intervening in the subsequent play after Courtois’ save, and calling three penalties each more doubtful than the Before Celtic. Nolito, Murillo and Kevin Vázquez suffered under the whip of a tyrant who is allowed to arbitrate every weekend by the Federation. It is not the first robbery that González Fuertes perpetrates against Celta, unfortunately it will not be the last if they allow him to continue refereeing the Vigo team. A Celta that was better than Madrid on the pitch, had the best chances and left empty due to the disastrous arbitration decisions and the saves by the best goalkeeper in the world, Thibaut Courtois.

The sky-blues were not daunted in the early stages of the match. True to their style, Eduardo Coudet’s men wanted the ball, sought to be protagonists, and pressed well above the rival box against a Real Madrid team that pulled back lines against the good light-blue start. It was Denis Suárez, with a pass behind Alaba, who gave Iago Aspas the first great chance to score. The man from Moañés, already in the area, was slow to control, losing the advantage and his shot collided with the Austrian defender, sending the ball to a corner.

Aspas sought the goal in a one-on-one with Militao in which González Fuertes, when the Celta had stolen the leather in the merengue area, called a foul for a grab on the Celta striker. The team led was looking to react, in this match due to Ancelotti’s positive, due to Abian Perdomo. In a quick transition, Lucas Vázquez put in a cross that Benzema arrived with certain problems. Even so, the French managed to get a dangerous shot directly to the side of the net. Celta replied immediately with a collective move in which Javi Galán, Iago Aspas, Brais Méndez, Kevin Vázquez and, finally, Denis Suárez, forced Courtois to show off against Salcedense’s shot from the edge of the box. A back and forth in a fast-paced quarter of an hour in which Vinicius had to be the protagonist against a Dituro who cleared his shot by the baseline.

González Fuertes points out a penalty to Nolito

Dituro against Real Madrid in Balaídos (Photo: LaLiga).

Celta received a hard blow in the 18th minute when González Fuertes pointed to the penalty spot after Nolito brought down Militao. The Cadiz player entered the Brazilian from behind trying to steal the ball with the bad luck that his supporting leg blocked the Madrid center-back’s. Militao, almost delayed, went to the ground and the referee did not hesitate before Balaídos’ anger. Benzema beat Dituro from eleven meters to make it 0-1.

Not even with Madrid’s goal did Celta lower their arms. He redoubled his efforts, went for the draw. Toni Kroos knocked down Fran Beltrán on the edge of the area and Aspas asked for the ball. The man from Moañés hit the square with care, Balaídos sang a goal, but Courtois flew to intercept with his fists a ball that went straight to kiss the merengue net. The Celta captain had one more, another foul from the front that this time hit the barrier. Madrid, with a somewhat advantage, tried to temporize against Celta who as the minutes went by found fewer spaces to reach Courtois’s vicinity.

Gonzalez Fuertes infuriates Balaídos

As the game progressed inexorably to halftime, Thiago Galhardo headed a cross into the area. Courtois went down to touch the ball just enough, sending it to the wood. The rebound was fought by Aspas and Alaba, neither of them touched a ball that ended up going over the goal line. The striker took off his shirt in a celebration in which he went straight to hug Coudet. But the VOR room warned González Fuertes of a possible offside by Aspas. The Asturian referee interpreted that the Moañés was interfering in the play, annulling the goal with a completely enraged Balaídos.

The second half started, in a break where Celta’s public address system put Rapahel’s Scandal without knowing that the worst was yet to come, with a save from Dituro to Modric. Asensio also tried to send the ball into the clouds. But the sky-blues replied with a play started by Aspas. The moañés opened the field with a pass to Javi Galán and he put the ball in the small area. Nolito appeared there to push the ball on goal. The Celestes equalized in the 50th minute and touched the second in the 53rd with a shot by Galhardo that went over the crossbar. Madrid, completely overwhelmed, found itself with a prize in the form of another penalty.

Another two penalties for Madrid

Jeison Murillo knocked down Rodrygo, who before noticing the Colombian’s contact, was already going to the ground. González Fuertes’s pulse did not tremble and he pointed to the penalty spot. But this time Dituro hit Benzema’s shot to avoid Real Madrid’s goal. González Fuertes did not take long to call another penalty, if Murillo’s was doubtful, Kevin Vázquez’s was directly non-existent.

Galhardo against Real Madrid in Balaídos (Photo: LaLiga).
Galhardo against Real Madrid in Balaídos (Photo: LaLiga).

The sky-blue right-back removed the stone on which Mendy threw himself to seek contact. He managed to touch the one from Nigrán and González Fuertes whistled for a penalty. Celta players cornered the Spaniard completely outraged by his decisions. Nothing could change the opinion of a braid with a tragic history for celestial interests. Benzema made it 1-2 with a Balaídos who made a joke of the robbery that his team was suffering. In each foul he asked for a penalty in favor of Madrid

Eduardo Coudet put all his artillery on the field to achieve a more than deserved draw but snatched by González Fuertes. Santi Mina and Orbelín Pineda entered the match. Celta tried until the final whistle, they had chances to tie the duel but not even luck wanted to face González Fuertes. Denis Suárez asked for a penalty, but in the Asturian’s script his decision was clear, against Celta, nothing at all. The game died with Madrid cornered in their area defending themselves from Coudet’s men. A shot by Murillo over the crossbar was the last of a Celta robbed and outraged by an undignified and miserable arbitration.


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