Real Sociedad B – Alcorcón (2-4): El Sanse blows himself up and lets another train escape

Pineapple of the Sanse players after Alkain’s goal. / JM Lopez

The subsidiary could go 2-0 in the 9th minute after missing a penalty, but a non-existent red to Zubiaurre condemned a team that once again gave away too much

Benat Barreto

Murphy’s Law states that if anything can go wrong, it will. There is no more obvious proof than yesterday’s Sanse-Alcorcón. The subsidiary was able to score goals to end the day three points from safety, had the opportunity to put the match on track, missed a penalty, had two players sent off – one of them unfairly – and received two blows at key moments, just when it was best I was.

The foals let another train go to safety, shooting themselves in the foot by giving away several goals again after defensive errors. Referee Milla Alvendiz ruined the match with a non-existent expulsion against Zubiaurre, but if you want to continue in professional football you cannot be so weak.

The first ten minutes of the Sanse were wonderful. He deserved to get ahead. To the sound of a participatory Navarro gave the first lunge to bottom. The Catalan led and opened the hide towards Alkain, who raised his head and shot Jesus with a dry cross shot. Great goal in minute 4. Another marvel from Navarro ended in a penalty. He assisted with a cross to Karrikaburu, who shot in front of goal at the hand of David Fernández. The striker could not materialize it and that’s where the shock went to Sanse. The ‘9’ shot loosely and into the hands of Jesús, who guessed the direction of the shipment. A minute later, Alcorcón tied.

Royal Society B

Zubiaurre; Single, Urko, Clemente, Gomez; Turrientes, Olasagasti (Aldasoro, m. 83), R. López (Ayesa, m. 33); Alkain, Navarro (Lobete, m. 46) and Karrikaburu (Gabilondo, m. 46).


Jesus; V. Garcia, Rivas, David Fernandez, Calero; Arribas (Zarfino, m. 46), Olabe (Valencia, m. 46), Jose Angel (Gorostidi, m. 68), Mula (Apeh, m. 77); Xisco (Fornies, m. 77) and Borja Valle.

  • Goals:
    1-0: Alkain (m. 5); 1-1: Xisco (m. 11); 2-1: Alkain (m. 18); 2-2: Xisco (d. 41); 2-3: Valley (m. 52); 2-4: Zarfino (d. 62).

  • Referee:
    Milla Alvendiz. She expelled Zubiaurre for a direct red card and Sola for a double yellow card. He admonished Lobete at Sanse and Jose Angel, Olabe and Zarfino at Alcorcón.

  • Incidents:
    Match corresponding to matchday 34 of the SmartBank League played at the Reale Arena in front of 6,866 spectators.

The potters crushed the subsidiary to lateral centers and thus came the equalizer. A cross from Borja Valle ended up in the net after a header from Xisco. Clemente put a red carpet on it, like at the recent Oscars. The royalists took the blow and continued to play well. The good work and hunger of Alkain caused the 2-1. The Hondarribiarra put pressure on Roberto Olabe by stealing his leather to generate a three-for-two counterattack. Karrikaburu drove and passed the ball at the exact moment to Alkain, who scored again. This time with subtlety, after masterfully placing the interior. It was only the seventeenth minute.

And the madness arrived at the Reale Arena. Álex Sola began to lose his composure. First with an iron that was his first yellow card and then giving up a back pass to Clemente that ended in a red card for Zubiaurre. The youth squad knocked down Xisco and the referee incomprehensibly sent him to the dugout. He had two teammates behind and the VAR did not correct him either. Ten minutes later, Navarro sent a free kick to the crossbar and on counterattack Sola went to the shower. He dropped Arribas with his shoulder in a two-on-two. The referee interpreted that it was the second yellow card. Also fair.

chasing shadows

Alcorcón equalized ipso facto after a monumental mistake from behind. Mula shot from the edge of the box and Xisco pushed the leather into the net. Only 41 minutes of the match had elapsed while the youngster from Anoeta began to despair with the referee. That’s right.

In the second act it was impossible for the Sanse to withstand the arreones from Madrid. The Alcorcón moved the leather from side to side and the eight realistic field players chased shadows. Valle finished off with a header and Zarfino scored without opposition. The Sanse let the salvation train escape and there are few cars left.

“I feel anger and sorrow, we had a terrible illusion,” says Alonso

Xabi Alonso appeared hurt in the press room at the Reale Arena. “Everything has gone wrong because of our mistakes, but also because of other mistakes that were not our fault,” he declared, speaking about the red card to Zubiaurre. «He expels him without discussion when it is at least debatable, after seeing it more times it seems less to me». Regarding the second yellow to Álex Sola, he indicated that «it is also rigorous and has harmed us a lot. I feel anger and sorrow because we had a terrible illusion », he lamented. Of course, he added that “it is impossible to compete like this when you make important mistakes like the ones we have made, but it is part of the learning process of this group.” The tolosarra stays with the good side of things. “At least the rivals have also lost, but there are fewer days left.”