REAL VALLADOLID 4 – LUGO 1 Approved and failed for Pucela: From the ‘goal of the lame’ to the effort

Real Valladolid defeated Lugo in a good match, which began with the goal and the injury of Óscar Plano, who was replaced by Anuar who did his thing again, scoring one goal and leading to another. It was part of a good overall performance, which allows the blanquivioleta team to continue hooked on direct promotion.

Masip: The Lugo barely bothered him. He could do nothing in the maximum penalty with which Barreiro shortened distances, since he defined well by shooting to the other side. The defense was solidified in set pieces. He left an attempt to assist Toni.

Luis Perez: Lugo’s greatest danger was apparently due to his band, due to the gallops of Chris Ramos, whom he bored. He joined the attack with bittersweet sensations, putting several good centers, but without a finisher.

Joaquin: He sliced ​​a ball to Chris Ramos inside the area in a masterful way. As in Alcorcón, he had to pair up with the tallest man, but he was imperial against a very uncomfortable Carrillo, with whom he entered into multiple aerial disputes.

Kiko Olivas: Solid and serene, although he made some timid errors at the start in the first half. There were so few that he ended up with an almost perfect business card, in a game in which he showed up after three months.

Nacho: One more day he was grateful to have Toni Villa close to him. He sat up quite a bit, sometimes inside. The VAR charged a penalty for his hand. He retaliated by suffering one that, live, did not seem to be very clear either.

Rock Table: Very persecuted, he went down less to receive initial zones than other days. He saw a yellow that surely diminished him, although his momentum did not disappear. Correct and dosed in the second half.

Monchu: Keep up your good work. The pass from him to Óscar Plano, looking at the line in the style of Michael Laudrup, was a gift for the 1-0. He attempted few long but accurate passes and was always supportive of the possessor.

Watery: Contrary to the usual, it was he who was more embedded between centrals than Roque Mesa; even more, when the canary left the tapestry. He assisted Weissman to go the distance.

Oscar Plano: He made the ‘goal for the lame’. He broke well behind the last defense after making the wall with Monchu and put Pucela ahead before having to be substituted.

Tony Villa: He left fewer flashes, being unable to complete either of the two dribbles he attempted. Even so, his partnership with Nacho is firm. He directed a scoring counterattack that was wasted by Weissman.

Weissman: Somewhat disconnected, although he wanted to appear more than other days; only that the physical and numerical superiority of the rear prevented it. The one that came to him, he sent it to save after a cut.

They also played in the Pacheta team:

year: Very mobile, he appeared in different areas, but, insistent on the side, he took an opportunity near the break. He stole the ball that ended in the 2-0 play. The award for his efforts was found with the third.

Janko: The band closed well, without being out of tune, as it did in its re-opening against Alcorcón. He didn’t show up especially in attack, or not in a dazzling way.

The pay: Precious and precise pass for Anuar to sentence alone. He did not have any ‘house brand’ play, but he was willing and participative.

Ivan Sanchez: Everything he played was successful, including two long sends. However, she missed the only dribble she tried.

Serge Leon: In case there were any doubts about the score, he shot the penalty hard, to the center and in such a way that he made the fourth without apparent effort.