The new form of protest of the PSG ultras after the whistles at Messi and Neymar, and the gestures that can turn the relationship around

*The discreet celebration of the Paris Saint Germain fans at Neymar’s first goal

The international break was a breath of fresh air for the paris st germain after removal in Champions League and the hard fall in front of the Monaco in Ligue 1. Three weeks after the jeers and whistles to all the players of the first team in the duel against the Bordeauxthe public of Princes Park showed no remorse for the attitude that was condemned by the entire football worldalthough the pattern of the protest changed.

The PSG ultras had communicated in the week the position they would take in the confrontation against the Lorient for date 30 of Ligue 1. On the eve of the match, COPA broke the silence with a resounding statement on social networks. “We will continue to express our discontent in the stands without violence. Therefore, we will be present, but in silence because they do not deserve better “He explained the letter of the Ultras, making his position with the footballers and the coaching staff very clear.

In the announcement of the formations, both neymar What Mauricio Pochettino they were among the least applauded by those present in the stadium. However, the silence is not comparable to the treatment they suffered after the historic 3-1 loss against Real Madrid in the round of 16 of the main continental tournament. The Brazilian winger, against all odds, he earned timid applause and a standing ovation when he opened the scoring after a shot from Kylian Mbappé.

The PSG Ultras turned the main flag upside down to show their discontent (Photo: @tjcope)

Although most of the fans present were true to their word, the rest of the Park was not initially so measured. As soon as the teams are announced on the giant screens, the portraits of Neymar and Messi were again greeted by slight whistles that fell from the headers. The discreet applause, close to indifference, was reserved for goalkeepers Denis Franchi, Alexandre Letellier and Gianluigi Donnarumma, who arrived at the warm-up before the rest of the squad.

Once on the pitch, ten minutes later than the goalkeepers, the outfield players had no chance to gauge the reception from the stands. To mask the power of possible anger, the “We will Rock You” of Queen that accompanied the entrance of the Parisians to the warm-up covered the expressions with a high volume in the loudspeakers, which without a doubt could be heard from kilometers away. At that moment, only the flag with the phrase “Turn 1991 Auteuil” placed upside down on the grandstand made it clear that the Parisian public remained dissatisfied and angry. At kick-off, everyone understood that the match would be played in front of the silence of the stands.

The only one who was saved from the discontent of the public at the start of the duel was Kylian Mbappé. In each of his goal celebrations, The people applauded him standing up and gave him a standing ovation, making it clear that he is the favorite of the stands. With two months left without a contract, the fans are doing their part to try to get the talented striker to decide to stay in the PSG shirt for a while longer and not follow the path of the rumors that link him to Real Madrid.

*Messi made the fourth for PSG and was applauded

The boos and hisses took them away Sergio Ramos who entered in the 71st minute instead of Marquinhos: every time he touched the ball, applause in the form of mockery resounded in the Parc des Princes. Both Lionel Messi and Neymar took the first step towards reconciliation in their goal celebrations, when received timid applause that will probably increase in each game that PSG gets closer to a new Ligue 1 title. For the Flea there was even a “Meeessi, Meeessi” that could represent a new beginning.


We have clearly and firmly exposed to the club our vision and our demands aimed at finally placing not marketing, but sport at the center of the project, which in particular necessarily involves the perpetuation of the Hechter shirt as a strong symbol of the identity of the club, season after season.

We are still waiting for concrete actions that we do not see coming.

For our part, faithful to our line of conduct, we continue to favor a constructive and demanding dialogue, aware that the club needs a new breather that necessarily goes through a new organization chart.

Pending progress, we will continue to express our discontent in the stands without violence.

We will be present, but in silence because they do not deserve anything better.

Let’s go to Paris!

The card of the Ultras in the preview of the match against Lorient
The card of the Ultras in the preview of the match against Lorient


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