The notes of Deportivo vs Rayo Majadahonda

Deportivo got a very important victory against Rayo Majadahonda. The Herculeans scored a two-goal lead in the first half, but the visitors cut back in the second. These are our notes Deportivo vs Rayo Majadahonda.

Mackay (Mean: 6, 33. Median: 6): He could do little in Rayo Majadahonda’s goal, where he made a first save showing off his great reflexes. In the second half, with the visitors overturned, he saved several shipments to the area.
Readers rating: Average: 6.67. Median: 7.

Villares (Mean: 5.33. Median: 5): He started again from the right side, where he had to multiply. He faced a Nando who in the first part tried to overwhelm him but without success. He changed dance partners in the second, where Néstor didn’t make it easy for him either.
Reader rating: Average: 5.8 Median: 6.

Lapeña (Mean: 5. Median: 4): He scored a great goal in the first half, where he took advantage of a fantastic shipment from Juergen Elitim. After Rayo Majadahonda’s goal, he took a step back and did so literally. On many occasions, he allowed rival attackers to come into the clash with space.
Readers rating: Average: 6.5. Median: 7.

Barn (Mean: 5. Median: 5): One of the first passes of the game failed but from there he recovered. He was very sober in the first half, but his was the corner kick that made it 2-1. Like Lapeña, he took a step back in the second half, lowering his performance a bit.
Readers rating: Average: 5.7. Median: 6.

Hector (Mean: 6. Median: 6): He had the chance to score with a header, although his shot missed the target. He was more attentive to defensive tasks arriving less often than usual to the rival field. He came into his own in the final minutes, when the team needed him most.
Readers rating: Average: 6.2. Median: 6.

Álex Bergantiños (Mean: 7.67. Median: 7): The captain made a first part in which he did not make any mistakes. He was attentive to the cut, anticipated what Rayo Majadahonda was trying to do and distributed the ball judiciously, reaching the rival area.
Readers rating: Average: 6.8. Median: 7.

Skull (Mean: 3. Median: 3): He had several turnovers that put Deportivo in trouble and made both Álex Bergantiños and the central defenders have to be more attentive. In his pending tasks, the divided balls and the slowness in certain phases of the match when it comes to distributing the ball.
Readers rating: Average: 4.4. Median: 5.

Juergen (Mean: 5.33 Median: 5): He put a spectacular center to Lapeña and participated in the play of Noel’s goal. In this match, Borja Jiménez advanced his position and directed him to the right in some sections of the game. He teamed with William de Camargo and also with Soriano. He went down just like the rest of the team in the second half.
Readers rating: Average: 5.8. Median: 6.

William de Camargo (Average: 6.67. Median: 7): Rayo Majadahonda will dream of him. He revolutionized the game with his speed, he scored from a penalty and took many free kicks. He returned to the left wing when Doncel entered. Great match of the Brazilian who ended up melted.
Readers rating: Average: 7.3. Median: 7..

Mario Soriano (Mean: 5.67. Median: 6): Another of those who participated in the penalty against Noel, going to the robbery with Juergen. Good first part associating with both Noel and William, always looking to receive between the lines. He penalizes you for excessive driving in some moments and the elections in the last pass.
Readers rating: Average: 4.5. Median: 5.

Claus (Mean: 6.67. Median: 7): He drove Jorge Casado crazy, who only managed to stop him at fault or by pushing. He took a penalty that was Deportivo’s second goal. A game of a lot of work for the striker, with a lot of mobility, who only lacked the prize for the goal.
Readers rating: Average: 6.4. Median: 7.

The notes of the substitutes in Deportivo – Rayo Majadahonda

Doncel (Mean: 3. Median: 3): He entered quite clueless, just when the Thunderbolt Majadahonda was tightening more. He focused on blocking the right flank.
Readers rating: Average: 4.1. Median: 5.

Rafa de Vicente (Mean: 4.67. Median: 5): He took the place of Calavera and refreshed the midfield in the final stretch of the game. With him, Deportivo recovered more possession.
Readers rating: Average: 4.7. Median: 5.

Alvaro Rey (sc): He hardly had time to participate.
Readers rating: Average: 3.3. Median: 4.


Borja Jiménez (Mean: 5.33. Median: 6): Deportivo’s coach opted to modify the defense, returning Villares to the right side and giving Granero the title. In the middle, he introduced Calavera to gain possession and accompanied Noel with the likes of Soriano and Juergen. In this meeting, the changes endured the team that managed to get the three points.
Readers’ rating: Average: 4.09. Median: 5.

** The notes of the writing are elaborated through the mean and median of the scores of each writer individually. A total of three editors have voted.