The playoff goes through Cartagonova

I said weeks ago Luis Carrión that we have reached the decisive momentwhere the teams play everything. and in the FC Cartagenawith the permanence ensured for a long time, one dreams of the golden brooch: the play off. Although the albinegro team is not being regular, the sixth position is only five points away with nine days remaining. All the matches are important, but especially the one today at the Cartagonova. Visit the port city Real Oviedoseventh with two points ahead of the locals and with the SD Ponferradinawhich occupies the sixth position, only three (follow the match live on

To continue with this ambitious goal, FC Cartagena must find continuity. And that happens by repeating far from his stadium the image he gives when he plays at home. Before his faithful, the team is another, with more ambition, rhythm and above all concentration. All of this is expected to be repeated by Luis Carrión this afternoon against Real Oviedo, because not getting the win would be a step backwards for his team. Not only because they would lose the opportunity to beat the Oviedo team, who would also win the goal average, but also because they could see how SD Ponferradina or UD Las Palmas, who face each other in El Toralín in another direct duel, increase their income, now five and one respectively.

For this important commitment Gallar will not be available to the coaching staffas Carrión assured in the press room. The Catalan winger suffered a puncture during the week and will be out due to injury, as will Of Beauty and Moon. Before the media, the technician commented that he has spent the whole year, due to the irregularity of the block, thinking about making changes or not. We’ll see if he decides to do them now or keep those who played in El Molinón (4-1). to make them, Cayarga and Cristoforo They are the most possible options as replacements for Nacho Gil and Tejera.

Real Oviedo, to continue growing

Those from Ziganda arrive at Cartagonova with good feelings. Endorsed these with the last 3-0 against CF Fuenlabrada that, together with another stumble by Ponfe, leaves the sixth place shot. But the results in the Tartiere do not find as much continuity outside and in those is the blue team in its race to sneak into the top six.

Ziganda manages several tactical alternatives for the decisive clash for promotion. The 4-4-2 is immovable at home, but away from home things change. The 4-3-3, which serves to strengthen the midfield, could be the one chosen by the coach this afternoon. Among the novelties, the Cuckoo he recovers Hugo Rama, after serving a sanction, and Jirka, back from his tour with the Slovakia team. It also enters the list tarinwho missed the match against Fuenlabrada due to gastroenteritis.

the worst news is the absence of Vitiwith physical problems. Undisputed on the right wing, Ziganda will have to find a substitute of guarantees, with Sangalli, Montiel and Jirka as more solid alternatives.


dauda. Six goals in the last stretch make him the offensive benchmark for the Albinegros, more so with Rubén Castro’s scoring drought.

Borja Sanchez. He is the most talented footballer among the Blues and his options in attack largely depend on his contribution.


Local. If Carrión’s team shows the usual image in home games, they will have a lot to gain. A team with ambition, rhythm and concentration.

Goal average at stake. In such an even ending it can be decisive. At the Tartiere, Oviedo won 2-0.

Doubts on the rightto. With Viti out of action, Ziganda looks for a candidate with guarantees for the extreme explosive.


FC Cartagena. Gallar, De la Bella and Luna, injured.

Real Oviedo. Viti, with physical problems.