Versus / Hugo Cuenca shared training with the main squad of Milan

Paraguayans abroad

3 Apr 09:39

Their first steps. While some bureaucratic issues are resolved so that he can officially play for Milan, Paraguayan midfielder Hugo Cuenca (17) is marveling in Italy with his ability. The left-hander, former Deportivo Capiatá and who shone in the South American under 15 in the 2019 season, signed for the Italian giant last year.

In the last hours, the compatriot was a novelty, because he was seen training with the main squad, playing for the sub 18 of the “rossoneri” team in a friendly. The midfielder, who can also play as a midfielder, showed some characteristics of his game, a lot of quality and intelligence, virtues valued by the Italians.

Cuenca, who is still waiting for the documentation required to play for Milan to be completed, played with the Italian team in the Viareggio tournament, a competition par excellence for under 21 players.

The compatriot had been one of the high points of the Paraguayan under 15 team led by Delio Toledo, of that South American Under 15 in which the Albirrojita finished in third position. Thanks to that, he went to a trial exchange with “Rossoneri” and took advantage of his opportunity very well.


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Paraguayans abroad

3 Apr 09:06

By date 8 of the Professional Football League Cup in Argentina, one of the most attractive matches was that between Boca Juniors and Arsenal de Sarandí, to be played in the “Bombonera”. The Xeneize was with all the atmosphere ready to celebrate a great party, because today, Sunday, April 3, is an anniversary and a celebration was planned after the game.

But a Paraguayan and his head spoiled the party. Striker Cristian Colmán, chosen as the star of the game, rescued his team from defeat with his goal in the second half. After Boca’s 2-1, immediately, practically taking the middle, Colmán reached the goal after taking advantage of a perfect cross from the left and anticipating the goalkeeper and a rival defender.

In addition, the curious thing about the compatriot’s goal was the celebration, which was made by the great “Topo Gigio”, emulating Juan Román Riquelme, idol of Boca and current vice president of the club.

“It was a very nice game as we expected, the people were going to push and it was a final for us, we needed to add some point and we got it, thank God we got it,” Colmán told TV after the match.

The final score of 2 to 2, was very celebrated in Sarandí while it caused a lot of annoyance in Boca. The Paraguayan scored his first goal with the Arsenal shirt, the club where he arrived at the beginning of the season.


Opening 2022

3 Apr 08:25

In jewel mode. Julio Enciso, once again and as has often happened in the Apertura tournament, was largely responsible for another three points for Libertad, who had to suffer a lot to beat Guaireña as a visitor.

The youth, who is more present than promise, appeared in the hot moments with two great goals. The first goal was to tie the game, the “jewel” received a ball in a distant position, hooked it to the left and put the ball at an angle.

Without a doubt, one of the best goals so far in the Apertura and it will surely be among the most impressive of the season.

Enciso’s second entry came in the final part of the match, when everything was the same in Villarrica. Again, the youth surprised everyone with an Olympic goal, although with some collaboration from the Guaireño goalkeeper. In the same way, Libertad’s goal that places him as the only pointer in the championship, caused a stir for having the soccer player of the moment back as the protagonist.

After a great combo of Qualifiers, Enciso did not rest, he scored great goals and put Libertad at the top. Yes, all that with just 18 years.