“We’ve made childish mistakes”

The coach of Deportivo Alaves, Jose Luis Mendilibar, considered that his team made “childish mistakes” when they had managed to tie the game against Atletico Madridwhich won 4-1 this Saturday at the Wanda Metropolitan.

“The penalty, once he dribbles against me I can’t put my foot in with all the images there are, although I don’t know if it was his turn or not. And then we had the game with 2-1, they take a free kick from you and with a control they dribble you and they put you in the goal, they are childish mistakes that we have made from 2-1, when we were better off, the rival team had to risk changes and we could have gotten something, and then the mistakes have occurred, ” lamented the technician.

Until then, beggarwho recognized himself “annoyed by the last 15 minutes” was “happy” with the performance of his team, who recovered after Joao Félix’s 1-0 draw with Gonzalo Escalante at the start of the second half.

“The Athletic he came out strong, he got us into our area, he scored a goal for us, but we had the ability to get up and face the AthleticFrom then on they didn’t give us chances until we scored. When we had something in our backpack we made mistakes, “she analyzed.

The coach of Alaves considered that, despite the defeat, the match has features that allow him to consider that the situation of the team, which falls to last place with this defeat and Levante’s victory against Villarrealcan be reversed.

“I think it is salvageable. The game is 90 minutes and we have to be good for 90 minutes, we have been very good for 75 minutes. It is up to us, nobody is going to give us absolutely nothing and we are the ones who have to get the strength from within and know how to play. With 2-1 the match is with the possibility of being able to win, we can’t sleep”, he explained.

The technician of Zaldibar considered that they should assess any option to add in the situation in which they are.

“The games losing by one can be scored, and being saved or not can depend on just one point, all of us from below have a hard time winning, today the I raisedthat has happened to us, it is difficult for everyone to win. That if someone beats us, it should be because they make us, not because we give them away. And I think that today, apart from the referee, apart from the WHEREwe have given away,” he said.


Asked about a slap from the Brazilian side of the Atletico Renan Lodi on Edgar Mendez and by some other action, the coach of the Alaves He recalled his position against video arbitration.

“The WHERE You already know my impression since it was imposed, I was the first to give a not so good opinion when everyone agreed. The WHERE It’s a half truth, and that’s the worst, because you let yourself be fooled,” he said.

“It’s very easy to whistle a Atlético-Alavés in the field of Athleticthe things that happen in the Atletico Madrid They are like this, like this (he shakes his head from side to side), the things that happen on your side, that there is a strong blow to the face of one of your players, it can be high yellow, and since the referee has not seen it and the WHERE He says it’s tall yellow and not red, because he won’t even see it. It’s impossible to win like that,” she settled.

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