With a clear message, ‘Tino’ Asprilla sentenced the future of James Rodríguez

Thousands of accusations have been generated after the elimination of the Colombian National Team on its way to Qatar 2022. Referents of the Tricolor such as Faryd Mondragón and Freddy Rincón have launched strong criticism after the failure of Rueda and his leaders.

They were joined this Thursday – March 31 – by Faustino Asprilla, who was critical of the team’s development during the Qualifiers. “These Qualifiers were very strange. They were of a very low level. Reinaldo Rueda has already been out of two Qualifiers by one point… that’s like saying: ‘I almost won the lottery, it fell next to my house, it doesn’t work”, said the former player in a chat with Futvox South America.

Following this, Asprilla launched a strong dart against James, one of the main players in the elimination. “That he is barely 30 years old in the Qatar league? That’s already for retirees”, said Faustino.

Colombia said goodbye to Qatar 2022. – Photo: Getty Images

Asprilla went further and when he was questioned about the future of the 10, he was clear and forceful assuring that this player “hardly return to the elite. Also, he has an injury. James can’t play 10 games in a row. It is very difficult for a big team to hire him when he plays two games, rests three and comes back and plays two. I think we will never see James again in the elite”, he concluded.

It is clear that the outlook for the midfielder is not at all favorable, since in recent months he has not felt comfortable at his current club, Al-Rayyan, opening the possibility of a future exit. However, the question that many are asking is: will he return to an elite league? James has been clear and has expressed his desire to return to the English league or even the Spanish league, in which he had his best performance with Real Madrid.

Did he say goodbye to the Selection?

After last Tuesday’s elimination against Venezuela, James broke the silence to make an official statement through his social networks.

The most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my career as a footballer was attending two World Cups representing the shirt that I love the most, the yellow of my national team. Today I am in deep pain. I believe that our country has talent and players to always be part of the World Cup, ”the 30-year-old midfielder wrote on his official Twitter account.

In addition, the current Al-Rayyan player from Qatar expressed his feelings after not achieving the goal he most wanted: “I feel sad and not only for myself, but also for my teammates who deserve to shine and I know they can”.

“I don’t know what’s coming for the next processes, I don’t know if it’s there or not. What I do know is that it breaks my soul to lose, it makes me uncomfortable not being ranked and this cannot happen again, ”she added.

Finally, the top scorer of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil made it clear that his wish is that “Colombia goes to all the World Cups, that the titles come in the different competitions and categories.”

to James It is time to “plan, join forces and work hard from the administrative and sports to once again show the world the power and talent of our land”.

Those were not his first statements after confirming that the Colombian National Team ran out of options to go to the World Cup, but he did give them with a slightly cooler head. At the end of the commitment on the 10th he expressed his discomfort at not going to the World Cupas it did in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

“We stayed out of a World Cup and we take responsibility. We have lost points at home. We were left out of the World Cup with the players we have, it’s not fair at all, but we have to keep working for the next four years, ”he said, still on the playing field in Venezuela.

And as one of the leaders of the national team, he mentioned that “we have to assume that responsibility” of not attending Qatar 2022. “Everything you say can be used against us. There are no words. We have done the work today, but when you do not depend on yourself, it is complicated, ”he concluded.