Yellow card for José Cruz (1-2, m. 81, online)

Germán Crespo recovered the old formula of trips to La Palma and Ceuta in the absence of Ekaitz Jiménez, change flank to one of the right-backsalthough this time José Ruiz kept his place and it was Puga who entered on the left. Thus, Dragisa Gudelj returned to that left-handed central position. Upstairs only Casas played this time, since Willy was a substitute. Meanwhile, Julio Cobos surprised by seating his most usual goal, Bernabé, to give Fran the title. Yael and Bermu were the pivots, with the most recognizable attack front. That is, José Ramón and Colau on the wings, Jorge Barba hooking and Solano up for the goal.

The match started with Córdoba losing almost from the locker room. After a minute and a half, Puga had already lost the position in that new location against one of Cacereño’s best players, José Ramón. The winger put it from the right in a poisonous place and Solano got ahead of José Cruz to make it 1-0. It could have remained an anecdote if De las Cuevas had scored in the sixth minute, in a good inside ball in which he cut but crossed the shot too much. A corner was claimed that was not granted.

De las Cuevas asks for a penalty and Carlos Marín shines

The Blanquiverdes had reacted well after the goal, but Cacereño was in danger when they looked at the goal. As he passed the 10th minute, a short clearance by Carlos Marín to a shot by Colau was about to be taken advantage of by Solano in the mouth of the goal. The player was felt, Córdoba did not stop the game and Jorge Barba could well have gone to the street for an absurd push to José Ruiz, with subsequent contempt for the side’s face.

The clash then became electric, with a first move by Córdoba in which De las Cuevas claimed a penalty for a grab by his pair, when he had overwhelmed him inside the area. Cacereño’s response was a shot by Colau that Carlos Marín got rid of. However, the great stop of the Almeria would come later, in a Gayoso center that Solano finished off first that the goalkeeper took out with a changed hand.

Simo places the tie

Córdoba had to put one more gear into the game and send more, and De las Cuevas put in, who tested Fran’s gloves with a good low shot. However, shortly after the goal was not going to be able to do it. In the 28 Simo, in a somewhat forced shot, with several players throwing themselves at him, found the net with a shot close to the post goalkeeper’s right

The local squad recovered well from the tie and in fact came very close to getting ahead on the scoreboard again, thanks to a cross shot by José Ramón that narrowly missed the mark. Córdoba tried to respond in a play by Casas, to whom they pointed out a very doubtful foul José Martínez when he would have gone two against one towards the green and white goal.

The match was very even in the final stretch of the first half, with both teams resorting to strategy as a way of approaching the rival area. All in all, the feeling was that the two were leaving it for the second half, in which Germán Crespo, by the way, put Luismi on the field for a somewhat duller Adrián Fuentes than usual.

Fran’s penalty and De las Cuevas comes back

The clash continued to be intense and disputed, with flashes of quality above the average for the category. José Ramón always had the restlessness when he came into contact with the ballas in a play in which he looked for Solano again but ran into Carlos Marín.

Then, when passing through 56, a controversial move arrived. De las Cuevas argued for a split ball with goalkeeper Fran, in a long shot for television. The arbitration team understood that there was a demolition, between the protests of the local goalkeeper and the rest of his teammates, in addition to the fans. The same player from Alicante launched it and put the sky-blue team ahead on the scoreboard.

Julio Cobos, who earned a yellow card for protesting a penalty for a possible handball by Dragisa Gudelj, one of which should never be pointed outhe brought Kamal into the field for Bermu to accompany Yael. The left-hander bought ballots for the tie with a good left foot close to 70, but the ball went wide. Germán Crespo changed the team and replaced Toni Arranz with Javi Flores and Willy with De las Cuevas.

Close to a great goal Willy

The local team made offensive changes, with a double point, after placing Luis Hernaiz on the field for Jorge Barba and Carlos Fernández for Colau. But the danger was put by Willy, in a tremendous cannon shot that the left squad did not find due to a stick. Omar Perdomo took Simo’s place with less than ten minutes left.


1.- CP CACEREÑO: Fran; Luis Aguado, Marvin, Jose Martinez, Gayoso; Yael, Bermu (Kamal, d. 63); José Ramón, Jorge Barba (Luis Hernaiz, m. 74), Colau (Carlos Fernández, m. 78); solano.

2.- CORDOBA CF: Carlos Marin; Jose Ruiz, Jose Cruz, Dragisa Gudelj, Puga; Álex Bernal, Javi Flores (Toni Arranz, m. 69); Adrián Fuentes (Luismi, m. 46), De las Cuevas (Willy, m. 69), Simo (Omar Perdomo, m. 82); Houses.

REFEREE: Mallo Fernández (Castilian and Leonese Committee). He admonished Jorge Barba, Luis Aguado and the coach, Julio Cobos, for the locals; and Toni Arranz, for the visitors.

GOALS: 1-0, m. 1: Solano. 1-1, m. 28: Yes. 1-2, m. 57: De las Cuevas, from a penalty.

INCIDENTS: Match of the twenty-eighth day of Group IV of the Second RFEF, played at the Príncipe Felipe in front of some 5,000 spectators, with just over half a thousand Cordoba players among them.