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Despite the fact that he could have left the Pascual Guerrero stadium thrashed, Alberto Gamero, the coach of Millonarios, said that the team had performed well and that he lacked scoring.

The Blues were left with 29 points, in third place in the League table, after the 3-2 defeat against América, which until the 90th minute was 3-0. This was the balance of the coach of the ‘ambassadors’.

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What happened to Millionaires. “Why does it cost us, because we don’t score goals. At 0-0 we had possession, America came to us frontally, with the rebounds, it was not clear to us. When they made us 1-0 in the carelessness of the still ball, for the second half the modifications we made, from 45 minutes we played 40 in the field of America, we had options and we did not put them. It’s hard, it’s hard to throw a good center, make a better wall, make better control. There were different things today (Sunday) but what was done was to at least tie the game.”

The changes. “
The modifications we made in the second half were, in quotes, offensive. We knew that América, already 1-0, could play against us, so we stood up very well behind. We arrived, inside, outside, in the corner kicks and we didn’t finish them. In Medellín we also had to have drawn. That is the unease that we have, we had to get there and we couldn’t finish.”

are you counting “
I wouldn’t say it’s hard for us. We elaborate, we try, we are training that. There will be moments that we are not going to have in the arrivals and we are not going to score, but I think that this team, according to what we train, the vast majority are doing it. Last game I said that it had to be corrected, today too. We try and the time will come when we will pass by. I like that the team, despite losing 3-0, did not lose their compass and wanted to play well”.

Keys to defeat “America’s best moment was in the 25th, 26th, 27th minute of the first half, they took the ball from us, it’s not like they had it either. In that recovery after loss we didn’t do well. For the rest, we had the game under control. What Vargas said, we controlled the best player in America, which is Ramos. Another thorn came out, which was Sierra. We neglected the ball and they scored the first goal. To the players, this is learning, tomorrow we arrive, we delivered and we have to correct. You have to understand the player, he’s not always done well. We made three huge mistakes and they were all goals, we’re going to train and correct that. But there are also mistakes on the offensive side. The beauty of this is that on a day-to-day basis we correct”.

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Was it the worst game for Millonarios this year? “
I think no. Today we had three blunders and they charged us, but in general in the game I saw the team with concentration, I think Montero made me one or two long serves, nothing else, the rest was start, start. There are games where we make more mistakes and they don’t charge us. Today we were charged over the counter. We have already had these same mistakes. But due to intensity, due to game generation and dynamics, today we were up to the task. Millionaires did not do things to go down 3-0. The 3-2 makes things up, but it was still lost. 3-0 would have been painful.”

Juan Pablo Vargas acknowledges defensive errors

For his part, Costa Rican Juan Pablo Vargas acknowledged the flaws that cost Millonarios the defeat. “I would be lying if I told you that it wasn’t more because of our mistakes than because of the rival, but it’s not to kill us either. Of the 14 games we’ve played, it’s the first in which we’ve had so many mistakes. We were not fine, but it is a match, which is the worst, that we are doing it wrong. I’m not talking about being nervous about Adrián: we were able to control him well. To say that a player makes us nervous, it seems to me that that has not happened. We play against 11 and just as the most relevant player can be decisive, the one who is not as well referenced can hurt us”, he said.