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América had Millonarios liquidated and had him close to an unthinkable win before the game, but the Blues made up a little of their worst game of the semester with two goals in stoppage time, to ultimately lose 3-2 at the Pascual Guerrero stadium.

Millonarios, who was the leader before the start of date 14, could not keep up with Nacional and Tolima, who won on this day, and is now in third place, with 29 points. And it begins to show a worrying trend: although it still has the least overdue fence, it is close to the top and qualification for the finals is within reach, when the level of demand rises, the team does not respond.

The games in which Millionaires have been left in debt

The blues lost at home, and well, against Nacional. Then, against a Medellin with 10 players from 10 minutes, he got tangled up, was not able to turn the situation around and lost without extenuating circumstances. And against Junior, he showed defensive errors that the rival did not know how to take advantage of, although it was enough to win with a goal from Ríchard Celis in stoppage time. That, not to mention what happened in the two games against Fluminense, which left him out of the Copa Libertadores.

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This time, América did not have mercy on Junior and had a round match until the substitution time, and that He left his fans thinking about how much attention Juan Carlos Osorio paid to his assistant, Pompilio Páez, who said goodbye to the club with a well-achieved victory, only with a bit of the defensive order that he never had in the stage of the Risaraldense.

América started winning with a headed goal by Carlos Sierra, in the 31st minute, after a center by Esneyder Mena and an error by goalkeeper Álvaro Montero, who hesitated to come out and allowed himself to be finished off in the area.

Before that, Millonarios had an acceptable start, but it was diluted, with pieces that have a hard time fitting into the team, such as the two Venezuelans, Eduardo Sosa and Ríchard Celis, both with very good technique, but they do not complement each other. And another whose performance is already worrying, Andrés Felipe Román, who, beyond the fact that the injury took away his continuity, is far from what led him to the National Team at the time, to the point that Gamero took him out for the second half.

The DT shook the board again in the second half and upset the team: he took out the two full-backs, Román and Perlaza, who was saved from the red card in the last play of the first half; he sent Stiven Vega to mark the right wing, Andrés Murillo to the left and put Mackalister Silva, who is not as effective in the first line.

Two errors in the second half sentenced Millos

America, on the other hand, took advantage of all the errors it could: Sierra scored again at 20 minutes in the second stage, in a scissors in the area that got between Montero’s legs. The play was born from a throw-in, in which the blue defense slept.

The third goal, with Millonarios played for the discount, was scored Daniel Mosquera, at 41 minutes into the second half: he took a rejection from Jorge Segura, filled the gap left by Vega, gained strength from Andrés Llinás and put it through the post that Montero had to take care of.

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When the fans of America sang the ole, Millonarios got a scare and went from 3-0 to 3-2 in the substitution. First, the referee Jhon Hinestroza sanctioned a penalty for a foul by Brayan Medina on Daniel Ruiz, who charged and beat goalkeeper Joel Graterol, at 46.

A minute later, Juan Pablo Vargas made it 3-2, by taking a rebound from the post and putting his head in, after a play that was almost an own goal by Medina: the goalkeeper Graterol put his hand in and avoided it in the first instance. Millionaires is still up, but left many doubts.

Jose Orlando Ascencio
Sports Sub-Editor