Bayern plays with twelve and ‘Juve’ moves away from the title

Bayer came to spend a few minutes with twelve players on the pitch. / television picture

The German team can be sanctioned with the loss of the three points they obtained against Freiburg (1-4) for having one more player on the field for a few minutes

Serie A: The classic did not disappoint

The Italian football classic did not disappoint. Juve-Inter was a high-intensity match in which, after a disputed first half, the Neroazzurros managed to take the lead in a chaotic sequence. Dumfries fell in the Juventus area and the VAR indicated a penalty. Szczesny stopped him, a carom in the rebound caused the own goal and the referee, not knowing very well what to do, decided, advised by the VAR, to repeat the maximum penalty for a Juventus player entering the area before of the shot. Calhanoglu did not fail this time. The second half was a Juventine monologue but Allegri’s men did not get the goal and their streak of 16 games without losing was cut short. If Milan win their match tonight against Bologna, they will be ten points ahead of the Turinese, a distance that seems excessive with eight games to go. Napoli won against Atalanta to level on points with Milan. Those of Spalletti are the team covered in this fight to four for the scudetto. While all eyes are on the duel between the two Milan teams, Napoli are having a fantastic season. They haven’t been so close to the championship since the 17-18 season, when, under the command of Maurizio Sarri, they made Juventus suffer until the last day.

Premier League: Labatla City-Liverpool

In England City and Liverpool continue their fight for the title. Both won, Klopp’s men in a gray game against Watford (2-0) and Guardiola’s men with a brilliant first half at Burnley (0-2). The fight for the Champions League intensifies, United disappointed once again drawing against Lester, while Tottenham and West Ham won. Conte’s men temporarily snatch fourth place from Arsenal who will play their match tonight against Crystal Palace. The surprising note of the day was left by Brentford beating Chelsea 1-4 at Stamford Bridge. Since Tuchel arrived, Chelsea have been characterized by their defensive solidity, which accentuates the strangeness of the result a few days before facing Real Madrid in the Champions League. Christian Eriksen completed a fantastic week that can’t help but make any football fan smile. Fully recovered from the heart problem that caused him to fear for his life during the European Championship, the Dane scored a goal with his team in the break and repeated it with his team, in his first goal after returning to the Premier League.

Bundesliga: Bayer, with twelve players on the field

The Bundesliga is used to few surprises. A new victory for Bayern is not news, so the Bavarians had to attract attention in another way. Due to a substitution error, Bayern temporarily played with twelve players, as if their dominance over the league wasn’t abusive enough. The German league is investigating what happened and it is possible that Bayern will be deprived of the victory they won on the field, 1-4 against Freiburg. In any case, their eternal pursuer, Borussia Dortmund, was thrashed at home against Leipzig by the same result. The fourth goal, scored by the Spanish international Dani Olmo, was a real wonder.

Rest of leagues: Rangers-Celtic

Of the rest of the leagues, it is worth highlighting the dispute over a European football classic, the Scottish Old Firm. Rangers needed to win to cut the lead against their Catholic rival and in fact started winning with a goal from Aaron Ramsey in the third minute. The joy did not last long because Celtic equalized four minutes later and would come back before the break. A sweet victory for Postecoglu’s men who see their lead extended to six points by winning at the eternal rival’s stadium and are closer to recovering the title that Rangers managed to snatch from them last season.