Chicharito’s double with which the fans insisted on his return to the Tri


With a score of 3-1, Chicaharito Hernández’s team beat the Timbers (Video: ESPN)

Javier Chicharito hernandez He continues to have outstanding performances with the Los Angeles Galaxy and in the game against the Timbers he recorded two goals that gave his team the victory. At minute 9 he opened the scoring and later at 59 he sealed the doubletso again the fans began to talk about their veto of the Mexican team and Qatar 2022.

In social networks, different fans reopened the controversy about his absence in the last calls since he has not worn the shirt since 2019 Tricolorso they asked for a second chance due to the goals he recorded during the game of the Galaxy.

Even sports commentators also spoke about it, one of them was Javier Alarcon, who through Twitter published the following: “two of the @CH14_One for Yon, another for Tata. Two q are not language; sheer solid”.

Javier Hernández made his second goal at minute 59 of the game (Video: ESPN)

While Mauricio Pedroza from ESPN wrote the following: “Yon de Luisa: Chicharito is not on our radar. Chicharito: two of these. I think Yon doesn’t have twitter but I’m sure someone close to him does. Feel free to put it on his radar.”

For your part david faitelsonfrom ESPNwas in charge of clarifying the idea that Hernández Balcazar will no longer return to the Mexican National Team. This is due to recent statements by Yon de Luisa -president of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF)- in which he confirmed that Javier will no longer return to Tri.

“Let’s stop beating around the bush. Yon de Luisa was very clear. Chicharito is out of the selection because the group of current players does not want it. Point”.

His first entry was assisted by Samuel Grandsir in the first half (Photo: Instagram/@ch14_)

His first touchdown was with an assist from samuel grandpa at the first time. In an offensive play by the Galaxy, they came forward to meet the goal, on the left wing Samuel had the ball and shortly before reaching the end of the field sent a center to the area.

Chicharito he knew how to read the playso when he saw the ball go his way, all he did was stretch his leg and slide to deflect the trajectory of the ball and score the first goal of the afternoon. It only took nine minutes for Javier to draw the attention of all those who await his return to Gerardo Martino’s team.

His second goal happened in a similar way because he was only in charge of deflecting the ball so that it ended up stuck in the goal. When the score was 1 – 2 in favor of the Los Angeles squad, Hernández Balcazar extended his team’s lead to secure the day’s victory.

Chicharito's last call was in 2019 (Photo: REUTERS/Daniel Becerril)
Chicharito’s last call was in 2019 (Photo: REUTERS/Daniel Becerril)

raheem edwards He carried the ball and together with Hernández they reached the small area; Shortly before getting into trouble with the Timbers’ defense, they scored the score. Edwards had already entered the goal area but when faced by the defense, noticed the presence of Chicharitoso he gave him the ball.

He hit him first and with his left leg he achieved his double and the third goal of the match in favor of the Galaxy. The marker no longer added more annotations, in addition the Chicharito he came off as a substitute at minute 86 for his teammate Daniel Aguirre.

So far this season mlsJavier has a good rate of scoring. It should be remembered that in the previous season he added a cumulative 17 touchdowns.


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