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The question, now, after the resounding failure of the Colombian National Team with its elimination from the Qatar 2022 World Cup, is whether the new coach should be appointed now or after the World Cup. It seems to be the thick dilemma. And solving it is not so simple, for sure.

It is easy and popular to say that, once and for all, Reinaldo Rueda’s successor must be appointed so that he can start immediately and 10 or 11 months of work are not ‘lost’, as seen today, with the rearview mirror, the almost 8 months that Arturo Reyes had as an encartado… sorry, manager between the departure of José Pékerman and the arrival of Carlos Queiroz.

Now, and until the World Cup, the market is smaller and the National Team may be a sparring partner for a couple of teams that do go to Qatar.

If it is already named, perhaps it is to make some local microcycles that, as is well known, are of no use or, in this case and hopefully, relatively useful under the assumption of knowledge and the beginning of a job and such. But the best players are and will be abroad. Here’s the detail. oh! And he would be appointed to see Borja’s goals, one from a penalty, against Alianza Petrolera…

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So who for the Selection?

Formation of the Colombian National Team in the match against Venezuela.

Well: and for that, who? Bielsa? Scolari? Panty? Hmmm…? Appointing a fast and renowned technician would transmit, yes, a message of ‘management’ by the directors of the Federation, today with worse fame than a congressman. It would be a photo in greased overalls, dirty cloth and wrench next to the dilapidated Selection: hands at work, working, repairing.

The other possibility is to decide after the World Cup with an open market, for example, with Luis Fernando Suarez, Ricardo Gareca, Gustavo Alfaro, Roberto Martinez, Zlato Dalic

The 2026 tie will start at the end of 2023 or in 2024. Therefore, whether tomorrow, in August or February 2023, the key is to choose a coach who, beyond his tactical and strategic wisdom or his revolutionary vision or his renown be able to make a harmonious group; that he be a good leader that promotes coexistence, security and trust in ‘his’ team; let him make ‘his’ group of him, because the heart of football is the footballers, not the coaches.

DT with gift of command

Colombia selection

The lament of the Colombian National Team.

What is needed is a DT with a gift for command, but who earns respect for his ways and not for his impositions. That is to say, a good chief of staff, not a sergeant, not a prefect of discipline, not a claustral prior.

I have never believed in the education of military service or in the faith of flogging and prohibition.

Instead, I do pray the creed of common sense for the technicians of Dante Panzeri, the legendary Argentine journalist who wrote a little bible of the game: Soccer, dynamics of the unthinkable: 1. Choose good players. 2. Put them in the appropriate positions. 3. Induce them not to do what they do not know. And, 4. Let those players thus selected, thus placed and thus advised, do what seems best to them!

Nor is the nationality of the future DT a vital condition. That he must know the idiosyncrasies and the ‘identity’ of Colombian football is forgotten with a couple of wins in a row, as Pékerman achieved on the counterattack.

Do we have to appoint the technician now? The truth is, I have no desire. What should be the profile of the DT? To my liking, one like, for example, Carlo Ancelotti, a winning guy, who makes groups, a boss who leads from common sense, without boasting and without a dogcatcher…

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