In Liverpool they are preparing for a possible departure of Sadio Mané: the Senegalese would not be a priority | premier league

Despite having beaten Mohamed Salah’s Egypt twice with Senegal, Sadio Mané sometimes seems overshadowed by his Liverpool team-mate, although the Egyptian will need his help on Tuesday, in the first leg of the Premier League quarter-finals. Champions against Benfica.

The month of April is going to be hellish for Liverpool, with the Champions League matches and a double duel against Manchester City, on Sunday in the Premier League and six days later in the FA Cup semi-finals. The panorama does not allow to stop for personal cases.

Mané’s intrigues despite everything, when he only has one year left on his contract, like Salah, without extending the Senegalese seems to be a priority for Liverpool, unlike what happens with the Egyptian.

What has Sadio Mané’s agent said about his situation in Liverpool?

“I talk a lot with the team, but if the question is whether I talk about the renewal, the answer is no, for the moment,” his agent, Bjorn Bezemer, explained on Senegalese television TFM, the day after the successful qualification for the World Cup. 2022.

Without commenting on the future of the player, who will turn 30 on April 10, the agent also assured that “for the moment, we have decided to remain calm.”

The arrival in January of Colombian left winger Luis Diaz from Porto reinforced the impression that Liverpool were preparing for an eventual “post-Mané” era.

– Mané: humility and modesty -In statistical terms, Liverpool’s position is understandable: since his arrival on the banks of the Mersey River in 2017, the Egyptian has consistently been more decisive than his teammate, both in goals and in assists, statistic in which Mané beat Salah last year with 9 decisive passes against 6 by ‘Mo’.

Even the Senegalese’s best season, 2019/20, in which he was decisive 34 times (22 goals and 12 assists), is still inferior to Salah’s less good one (23 goals and 13 assists), also in 2019/20.

This season, the margin is even greater, after Salah’s 28 goals and 10 assists against his teammate’s 12 and 3.

Mané’s contribution to the team is obviously not limited to these two figures, which show that Salah is a pure finisher, when Mané stands out for participating more in construction and pressure.

If the difference in the treatment received by each of the two players is something to talk about at times, it can also be explained by the very different personalities of both partners.

Sadio Mané’s modesty is legendary, both on the field and off, and has been demonstrated by his extreme generosity in helping his hometown of Bambali, 400 kilometers south of Dakar.

– “They are considered friends” – Salah, on the contrary, knows how to be more assertive. He does not hesitate, for example, to complain indirectly about the slowness in the negotiations with Liverpool, assuring the press that he is not “asking for anything crazy.”

On the field, the two continue to work well, and Jürgen Klopp does not stop emphasizing how well they understand each other.

“There is no doubt that they are not only close, but also polite, good guys and good people. Sadio and ‘Mo’ definitely consider each other friends.”

Some media affirmed that Mané did not want to celebrate his continental title or the qualification for the World Cup within the team out of humility and out of respect for Salah’s understandable disappointment.

His agent assured that it was above all because Liverpool is still in the fight for three trophies and that Mané wanted to maintain concentration on those objectives.

Because even if it is red or under other colors, with Real Madrid and Paris SG as possible evoked exits, it will be the final sprint that will or will not place the Senegalese in a strong position, from which he will have to make a decision.