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Football is the mirror of every culture. It is said that you play as you live. And that the political and social environment permeates the ways of playing.

In a country of a president of nothing, the selection plays to nothing. National team and president invoke God and realize little how badly they play. But what about the quality of our football journalists?

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We have the insufferable, arrogant, arrogant, hate-mongering, yelling arsonists, and those who bully their colleagues in the studio.

In this ruble is the authoritarian and bad milk of Dr. Vélez (RCN-Win), and who has as disciples Samuel Vargas (Directv-Win) and his arrogant and disqualifying style; to Luis Arturo Henao and his macho tone and his not letting anyone speak (ESPN), to Jorge Bermúdez (ESPN) and his insolent big mouth and the shouting of Steven Arce (Caracol-ESPN).

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These very macho males should raise the rating. Otherwise, it is not understood how their colleagues who live desperately with them put up with them, nor the many viewers who change the channel or turn off the television when they appear.

Admiration for the women who put up with these males, they have to endure the bullying, know about soccer and, in addition, look pretty.

Congratulations for the endurance to Diana Rincón, Lichi Durán and Melissa Martínez, on ESPN; and Sheila García and Vanessa Palacio, from Win.

Among the commentators who have played soccer that are worth listening to, the best by far is Mao Molina: calm, with a concept, respectful and proposes criteria. Córdoba, despite being desperate with Luis Arturo Henao, when he lets him speak, he does it well. Valenciano when he stops getting into useless discussions, you can hear him well. And well Carlos Valdés, too. And for jokes we have Tino Asprilla.

These very macho males should raise the ‘rating’. Otherwise, it is not understood how their colleagues who live desperately with them can stand them, nor the many viewers

Already looking for commentators who know, analyze and provide us with criteria, we have Nicolás Samper and Daniel Angulo (ESPN), Juan Felipe Cadavid (Caracol), Guillermo Arango (RCN-Win), Hernán Peláez and Martín de Francisco (La W). With them you learn and have fun. And the best, there is respect and enjoyment.

The paradox is that the format of fighting and debating just because and because not is leading to the good guys not talking, and everything remains in the shouting of the unbearable and arrogant. The terrible thing is that the model that triumphs is that of Vélez. And the rest, shut up.

Stranger that journalists work at RCN, Win and ESPN or DirecTV and Win.

Rare that they do not compete, but share the same players. This is like playing Santa Fe and Millonarios at the same time. It is even rarer for a manager like ‘Patrón’ Bermúdez to be a commentator.

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The most aberrant thing is that soccer became the model of political journalism. We inform the elections in the same style of narrating the selection, with gossip, favoring the scandal, starting to fight, inventing conspiracies. and goool.

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