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Liverpool visits Benfica, in Portugal, this Tuesday at 2 pm for the first leg of the Uefa Champions League quarterfinals.

On paper, the English team is the favorite in the series. However, in the world’s top club tournament, nothing is guaranteed. For this reason, this Monday, at a press conference, the German helmsman of the ‘red’ team, the expressive Jürgen Klopp, referred to all the challenges that this phase of the Champions League presents.

In the midst of football challenges, a very unique one: communication with Luis Diaz.

‘I didn’t understand a word of him’

Although the fans expected Klopp to confirm the ownership of ‘Lucho’ Díaz, his comment about the Colombian, who has great experience against Benfica, due to his past at Porto, had to do with the fact that the countryman does not speak English.

“He tried to talk to me about Benfica but we didn’t understand a word!”, Klopp said at the press conference.

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This is not the first time that the German DT refers to the fact that Díaz does not speak English.

“With Luis, for obvious reasons, there is a language problem. I don’t speak Spanish, he doesn’t speak English. He is learning, I am not, so we will have to wait until his English improves. Until then, we have a lot of people here who constantly talk to him. But obviously it’s quite natural. That’s why he plays the way he plays, ”the coach had said two weeks ago.

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The challenge of the Champions


Liverpool, in the Uefa Champions League.

At the press conference, Klopp recognized the importance of this Tuesday’s meeting: “We need to be at the top of our game in each of the games to come, Benfica are one of the most successful teams in Portugal. They are a tough opponent.”.

During the talk with the media, Klopp also referred to his time with the ‘red’ team.

“I don’t value my time here based on the titles we’ve won”said Klopp, who won the sixth Champions League for the club and the first English league in thirty years.

“I care more about the style of play, how we have developed the team and the state the club is in. We are in a team in a good situation,” Klopp added.

The German confirmed that he has all the players available, with the exception of Trent Alexander-Arnold, who will still need a few days to recover, and that talks continue between Mohamed Salah and the club to try to renew the Egyptian.

“They’re talking and that’s all I need to know”he pointed out, about the renewal of ‘Mo’.

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Klopp is aware that the season is played in thirteen days, in which they face Benfica in the Champions League quarter-final round trip, visit the Etihad Stadium to play against Manchester City, and then go to Wembley to play the semifinals of FA Cup against those of Pep Guardiola.

“We all know that with a mistake, with something going wrong, a competition can end. There is no problem, we are ready for whatever comes”concluded the helmsman.

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