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Venancio tries to control the ball under pressure from a Mirandés opponent. / Mikel Askasíbar

Eibar gives up two points against Valladolid after not being able to contain the momentum of a Mirandés team who deserved even more than the draw they won

A month and a half after Fuenlabrada took the last point that had flown from Ipurua, Mirandés once again opened a new breach in the Barça fortress. The foundations of the Eibarres stadium trembled as they had not been seen for a long time due to the hard attacks of a red squad that had been well instructed by their coach. And, although for a long time it seemed that the blow that Stoichkov dealt by transforming a debatable penalty at the start of the restart, would help the walls to resist firmly, an unappealable headbutt by Alejandro Marqués, which came out as a shock shortly after the break, ended up opening the gap through which the win escaped.

Because those two points that vanished were precisely the ones that Valladolid has managed to cut, which after thrashing Lugo on Saturday (4-1) has snatched second place in the table from Almería, who started with two players minus one suffered tie in the fief of Huesca.

So, in the absence of eight heart-stopping finals to play, the most immediate next Sunday (6:30 p.m.) in the Ibiza field of Diop and Javi Lara, the Barça squad has three points of rent over the pucelanos and four respect to the Indals.



  • Eibar:
    Stonecutter; Correa (Glauder, 18), Venancio, Arbilla, Tejero; Javi Muñoz, Atienza (Chema, d. 86); Corpas, Expósito (Aketxe, m. 86), Stoichkov (Quique, m. 61); Fran Sol Llorente (d. 61).

  • Mirandese:
    Lizoain; Carreira, Anderson, Jorge Saenz, Imanol; Messeguer, Alex López (Tchimbembé, d. 79); Brugué (Alejandro Marqués, m. 67), Riquelme, Iñigo Vicente (Hassan, m. 67); Camel (Garrido, d. 83).

  • Goals:
    1-0, Stoichkov (m. 49), converts a penalty forced by Corpas. 1-1, Alejandro Marqués (m. 80) heads across a corner taken by Riquelme.

  • Referee:
    Galech Apezteguia, from the Navarrese school. He admonished Glauder.

  • Incidents:
    6,023 spectators in Ipurua, including around 500 followers from Miranda.

And the classification could have been tightened even more, since the Eibarreses, who had options to win in a heart-stopping final stretch, could also have ended up succumbing to a Mirandés who made merits to take a bigger loot.

Tension in the environment

And it is that, as much as Garitano has been insisting that they do not look at others, it is obvious that feeling the breath of Valladolid on the back of the neck was an added dose of pressure for the Catalans. And Joseba Etxeberria was also very aware of that, who knew what keys he had to press in the spinal cord to try to stop his rival.

The penalty converted by Stoichkov seemed to cover the problems suffered until the break

Like the rest, he sensed that the gunsmith would bet on the same eleven that he presented against Lugo and, therefore, he was clear that he should concentrate his efforts on annulling Javi Muñoz. But the fact is that not content with achieving it, theirs also took pains to exert such suffocating pressure above, that they managed to bother the gunsmiths in such a way, that the nearly 6,000 gunsmith followers who gathered in Ipurua had to wait half an hour long to see your team’s first attempt at danger.

But although it is true that the Biscayan coach’s plans were frustrated by having to replace Correa after 20 minutes because his right knee was damaged after a fortuitous encounter with Atienza a few minutes before, both up to that moment and afterwards, the initiative and the most relevant approaches were always carried out by the people of Burgos.

Marqués’s header rewarded the merits of a Mirandés who knew how to annul Barça’s weapons

In fact, after two attempts that Cantero successfully frustrated, the rojillos broke the pitcher with a shot that Rodrigo Riquelme adjusted to the long post after 37 minutes of play, although at the request of the VAR, the referee annulled it for a very tight shot out of Iñigo Vicente’s game.

It was precisely after having breathed a sigh of relief that the first Barça chance came, with a shot from Corpas hitting the near post that Lizoain cleared towards the baseline.

Eibar players celebrate the penalty goal scored by Stoichkov.


Eibar players celebrate the penalty goal scored by Stoichkov. /

Mikel Askasíbar

But it was only a drop in an ocean in which the Burgos were sailing with greater skill, as could be seen in the first-half addition when Iñigo Vicente’s Vaseline hit the top of the crossbar with Cantero already outmatched.

The second half was another story, especially since it began with a fall by Corpas in the area before a slight contact by Alex López that the referee decreed as a penalty without the VAR taking action. Although the man from Jaén wanted to launch it, it was Stoichkov who did it with a kick that became his seventeenth goal of the season.

But far from bringing peace of mind, the nerves were unleashed as the rojillo harassment grew and, after several considerate warnings, Alejandro Marqués took advantage of the gap left by Javi Muñoz in the area to finish off a corner kick that Riquelme put in his head .

And yes, Llorente claimed a clearer penalty than Corpas, and Aketxe and Quique had two great options to solve the ballot, but Lizoain was very accurate to avoid it.

Garitano values ​​the point because the team “keeps adding”

Garitano gave value to the point because “we keep adding.” «We wanted to win, we started winning and victory was close. Mirandés deserved to draw, they played a good game. They came in a good dynamic, it is a great team, it has been shown. We settle for this point and we have to keep adding, we did it against a good team, it couldn’t have been all three”. He confessed that “we knew that Mirandés has high-level footballers with three U21 international players with Spain, we were aware that it was going to be a difficult game.”