Sulfur Monday, calm or hope

Playing on Mondays continues to feel like a soccer anomaly that, today in Butarque (21:00, Follow the match live on, will bring with it inappropriate urgencies to be disputed in the anonymity of the first day of the week. Most are owned by Fuenlabrada On the edge of the precipice. Eight points separate him from salvation scored by Malaga. That limit of survival already looks at it with a sufficient safety distance (it seems) a Leganes nailed in the limbo of dead calm, without fears from the stern (if it fell today, it would keep 10 points away with relegation), nor decent goals to pursue from the bow (the playoffs orbit up there at nine points). Boomerang shock that in the first round ended with a blue victory (2-1). Then Fuenlabrada felt firm and Leganés unstable. Three bench changes later (one at home, two at the visitors), the roles have changed. Soccer and its overturns.

The one led by Mehdi Nafti has powerful lights and striking shadows. The coach has made the pepineros add 34 points that have ejected Leganés from the risk of losing the category that sullied it when he took over its reins. It happens, however, that in the face of such a titanic performance, he has stayed halfway to the complete dream of, at least, fighting for the playoffs. That is where Leganés looks bipolar. Excelling against the teams in the lower-middle zone of the table (23 out of 27 possible points), it has been powerless against those in the upper-middle zone (9 out of 33 possible points).

No room to let go

Balance of the season for which his bench still asks for time. First, because mathematics has not yet passed sentence and there is fear of re-enlisting the fears of the well. The team (undefeated in Butarque with Nafti) has chained two games in a row without winning at home and three days without knowing the victory. Two points out of nine possible are a poor balance, they are required in Butarque.

In addition, the coach’s desire is to continue making his team grow to show that he deserves a renewal that he has not yet spoken about and that, surely, will also be played in the remaining nine days. Without casualties (in Las Palmas he had six), although still with the doubt of whether Recio will be able to compete at 100%, the French-Tunisian has promised changes against a rival that Leganés has not yet beaten in the Second Division: a draw and two defeats contemplate the duels between the two in the silver category.

Hell squeezes the Fuenla

If the Lega were released today, it would leave the impossibility that, again, both sides would see each other in professional football for some time. Everything that does not imply scoring will be, for Fuenlabrada, filling their nostrils with the sulfur that has been stinking their classification for a long time. Hell is getting closer and closer and the circumstances are not smiling. The losses of Juanma, Jano, Iban, Anderson and Tachi put obstacles to a Sandoval with hardly any margin to create an eleven different from the one that fell in Oviedo 3-0.

That defeat hurt the azulona illusion of chaining (at once) two wins this season. The feat remains unfinished. Clinging to the football of Pedro León and Cristóbal (a course ago he gave a recital in Butarque), Fuenla is still waiting for Ontivero to uncork the differential winter signing that everyone expected while Bouldini draws the only offensive hope of a team in need of miracles to believe. Winning today in Butarque would be a good starting point.

Ups and downs:

Leganes: No absences, although pending whether Recio will be at 100%

Fuenlabrada: Juanma, Jano, Iban, Anderson and Tachi due to injury.

Match Keys:

Returns: For the first time this season, Leganés has all its players available, although with different levels of fitness. Rotations appear on the horizon.

Defensive Regularity: Great performances and other disastrous. Fuenlabrada must find consistency in defense if they do not want to see themselves in the First RFEF.

Forcefulness: Leganés needs to compete 200% on each ball and put a firm hand on the management of the matches if they want to resemble the brilliant version of February and part of March.

Some more touch: With talented players like Ontiveros, Cristóbal, Pedro León or Bravo, the team must seek to intertwine the game more.

aces to follow

Fuenlabrada: Mikel Agu. The Nigerian’s pressure and ability to steal will be key against an opponent who will have a monopoly on the ball.

Leganés: Gaku Shibasaki. The return of the Japanese presumably to eleven could inject the calm of Leganés’ midfield that Recio’s loss remains. He has the motivation of having qualified for the World Cup.