The loss of Grau, a blow to the heart

The absence of Jaume Grau is seriously affecting a Royal Saragossa that he has not won a match since the Levantine suffered the tachycardia that forced him to undergo surgery to correct an arrhythmia. With him in the starting eleven, the Aragonese team only knew how to win. Without him on the team, he doesn’t seem to know how to do it.

With Grau in the eleven, Zaragoza beat Las Palmas, Almería and Amorebieta at home and Sportng away. Without him, they lost in Cartagena (3-0) and tied in Tenerife and at home with Amorebieta

The midfielder played four games in a row in the starting line-up and all of them ended in victory for the Aragonese, who defeated Las Palmas (2-1), Almería (2-0) and Fuenlabrada (2-1) in La Romareda and the Sporting in El Molinón (1-2). In all those games Grau was a basic pillar of a squad to which the arrival of the Valencian provided a huge dose of oxygen for a medullary avid for fresh air.

What’s more, It was decisive not only for its route, deployment and tactical discipline, but also for its arrival. In fact, he scored in his first two appearances in the starting eleven. His directorial debut took place in the first stages of the duel against Las Palmas and the second, the following day in Gijón. They were his first two goals in professional football.

The day D

But everything went wrong midway through the second half of the match against Fuenlabrada. azon He had already tied the initial goal of the Madrid team and Zaragoza, in full swing, launched themselves for the comeback. But Grau asked for the change. His disgruntled gesture didn’t particularly attract attention, but the player went straight to the hospital to be treated for a worrying tachycardia detected by the medical services. The first tests diagnosed a paroxysmal atrial fibrillation which, a few days later, required him to undergo an electrophysiological study and catheter ablation of the heart. With a period of loss estimated between a month and a half and two months, Zaragoza lost one of its most important players and the midfielder with whom it had sealed a full victories since it broke into the eleven.

no wins

If Grau’s presence was key, his absence is also key. Above all, because he has coincided with other problems in a spinal cord where casualties have accumulated. Franco Serrano He had already fallen a week before as a result of a muscle rupture that already prevented him from participating against Fuenlabrada. PetrovićFor his part, he was also injured in Cartagena (3-0) and has missed the duels against Amorebieta (1-1) and Tenerife (1-1). So in the three games without Grau, Zaragoza has barely been able to add two draws and has suffered a painful defeat in which the Aragonese team was able to leave more than three points.

The Levantine, who arrived last January on property from Osasuna, will still remain out of the team for several weeks. Submitted to a treatment that requires maximum control and close monitoring, his evolution is being very good, but, in principle, his return is not expected until, at least, Begginings of may.

So Zaragoza is forced to learn to live without Grau. For now, the accumulation of absences in midfield has forced Jim to design a new formation in which cobbleralready recovered from his physical problems, he has taken over a position. I will give and Eugene They have been his two companions in the last two appointments in a marked line of four. Of course, the imminent return of Francho and the possible return of Petrovic will increase the options.