Tulio Gómez condemned the murder of a young soccer promise who lost his life due to cell phone theft


The president of the Colombian club América de Cali, Tulio Gómez.

The death of Miller Steven Fails15-year-old, who was shot in the abdomen in the middle of a robbery to steal his cell phone, provoked a strong reaction from the largest shareholder of América de Cali, Tulio Gomez.

The leader repudiated the violence that claimed the life of Falla, who was assigned to the minors of the red team. gomez He did not keep his emotions to condemn the events that mourned a family in Bogotá:

These damn thieves murdered a child for stealing a cell phone, he was from the branch of America Andino in Bogotá, they should shoot all those murderers

The deceased young man was assassinated on the night of Saturday, April 2, in the town of Kennedyin Bogotá, by criminals who stole his cell phone. The events were recorded by a security camera which captured the subjects when they fled down the street of the town.

Characterized by his discipline and his elegant touch on the field of play, his father still does not understand why this young promise lost his life:

They cut off the future of an athlete boy. Since he was 5 years old he trained soccer, he had been training soccer for 10 years, he didn’t deserve that they do one of these things to my son. please i demand justice

John Falla, father of the minor, described his son’s death in a story collected by Noticias Caracol: “A Venezuelan put a revolver to the chest of the girls. He asked for her cell phone and the girl told him that she did not have a cell phone. They asked my son for his cell phone, my son had a normal time, he took out his cell phone, raised his shirt and passed it to them. At the time he passed him the cell phone, the Venezuelan shot him in the abdomen. My son fell to the ground, she stared at her companion and told her ‘calm down, nothing’s wrong’ and that’s itHe closed his eyes, they took him to the Western Clinic and he arrived without vital signs”.

Miller Stiven Falla had been training soccer for 10 years, because of his touch and discipline he was considered a promise of the sport, which is why his parents had their hopes in him.

Tulio Gómez: criticism of Juan Carlos Osorio after splitting blankets

In the image a record of the technical director Juan Carlos Osorio, new coach of the Colombian club América.  EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni/File
In the image a record of the technical director Juan Carlos Osorio, new coach of the Colombian club América. EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni/File

The club’s largest shareholder spoke on ESPN F90 about the decision, where he did not spare his differences with Osorio, and referred to the future of América de Cali.

“We do not think that with Osorio was going to do so badly for us in the results. Osorio’s coaching staff was the most expensive in Colombian soccer. Things did not happen. When we hired Osorio, we gave him carte blanche, he chose the reinforcements and unfortunately they did not measure up to us. Perhaps we did not analyze well that the rotation that Osorio likes does not serve us so much. We didn’t realize either, that it was our fault, that Osorio plays attacking, I think that a team should be balanced. Our defense is not bad, the defensive scheme is bad”.

In this dialogue with the television medium, Thulium He emphasized a criticism that he had made days ago in which he pointed out that the payroll for this 2022 was not only one of the most expensive, but also one of the most talented in the colombian football:

“Our roster isn’t the best in the tournament, but it’s not among the worst either. We haven’t been able to have everything because sometimes they get injured, we usually have 6-8 players in the medical department.. There are teams that do not have a better payroll than us and are above us. America has to always be in the finals, it is not an obligation to be champion every year but to be in the fight”.


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