Atlético de Madrid: Joao Flix wants to continue partying before his great ‘admirer’

Pur talent. So define the Atletico Madrid to joao flix the day he announced his incorporation into the rojiblanco club. It was July 3, 2019 and the Portuguese inherited July 7. Griezmann without yet becoming official the Frenchman’s departure towards Barcelona. The athletic he won the battle manchester city and he took over the services of one of the footballers called to dominate world football. The bet on the former Benfica it was whole.

It is not necessary to remember that joao his adaptation to the athletic. The Portuguese has alternated these three seasons with brilliant phases with physical problems that slowed him down on numerous occasions to the point of having to undergo surgery after the European Championship to put an end to your ankle problems. The Portuguese has become in these three seasons in The league easy target for rivals. He is the player who receives the most fouls in the championship per minute played. His ankles suffered excessively the first two seasons.

Joao Flix: “We have to approach each game like a final”Athletic of Madrid

“I’m happy, the injury is past.” Ace of blunt was the Portuguese in the month of November. His physical problems seemed to have ended and a season was beginning that is becoming his great turning point. He became the team’s offensive reference. as presented joao flix before one of her great suitors. Guardiola and City They have always had the Portuguese in their sights, as the Catalan coach pointed out at a press conference: “Atltico paid for Joao Flix the money that Manchester City is supposed to always pay.” If Atltico paid that amount of money for Joo Flix It’s because he’s a very good player. And he is.”

To his talent, which was beyond any doubt, he has added in recent months an involvement in the collective game of the athletic that make him an indisputable footballer for the cholos. If ever there were. With this Tuesday in the Choice there will be 17 games of champions as a starter of the 20 that I played as a rojiblanco. the music of the champions turn on joao.

Eight games since he definitively took ownership. Eight games that have changed the face of the red and white season. With qualification for the next champions very complicated, the team hit the key that changed everything. The team and joao. Seven goals since in Pamplona the best moment of the course began for those of Simeone. Seven wins and only one draw against manchester united in the first leg. Without a doubt the best phase of the course, without a doubt the best version of joao.

Joao Flix, the false nine of Cholo

Atlético has gone around many times to reach this moment of form. Changes of systems, changes of pieces… The injuries have been depriving the cholos to have all its troops and that was noticed by the team. Now, at the key moment of the season, those of Simeone come the light They come to duel with him. Town with morale through the roof and with a joao who has assumed the role of the team’s goal scorer. The Portuguese, he has taken a step forward and no longer has a problem when it comes to acting as an offensive reference. The false nine that he likes so much Guardiola.

Cholo has found his total striker in the Portuguese. He plays, assists and scores. In these eight duels he has teamed up with Surez, Correa, Griezmann… He has fallen to the left wing, he has lived inside and outside the area… And he has always shone. The numbers don’t lie, but what doesn’t lie is the feeling of stepping forward in terms of regularity. the talent of joao It is unquestionable, he has been showing it in each game for almost two months. Pure talent they said and they were not wrong.