Bayern’s ‘whims’ during his stay in Castelló to face Villarreal

They say that the rich and the big stars are capricious and moody. Is it an urban legend? There is everything in the vineyard of the Lord. In any case, the Bayern is a club of what could be called European football royaltyas is Juventus, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Real Madrid itself. And as members of the soccer ‘jet set’ they don’t deal with customs and habits like the rest of us mortals. Not surprisingly, Bayern Munich has a list of titles, which, like Juventus, is scary. Nothing more and nothing less than 31 Leagues, 20 German Cups, 9 Super Cups, 6 League Cups, 2 Club World Cups and 2 Intercontinental Cups, 6 European Cups, one Cup Winners’ Cup and one Europa League, along with two European Super Cups. Almost nothing. It has more than 200,000 paying members and is the club with the most followers in Germany and also the one that arouses the most antipathy due to its greatness.

Bayern has sections for basketball, handball, bowling, table tennis and chess. Even a department of referees, but don’t be scared, because they run minor competitions in Munich. It is an ocean liner. And as such it has its peculiarities.

The preamble does not intend to justify its particularities, but rather to put them in context.

Hotel exclusively for Bayern

The German club usually asks for a hotel exclusively for their expedition on their trips. In Spain, clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona also request it on more than one occasion, something that, for example, Villarreal has managed on a few occasions. The Bavarian club requested in Castelló that the entire hotel facility be at their disposal. The Germans have a large private internal security apparatus. For example, in Germany it is not customary, as in Spain, for state security forces to escort soccer teams to the stadium. If a club wants an escort, they have to pay for it.

Elliptical bikes from a gym in Castelló

Another of his requests, which has led the people in charge of the Luz hotel in the capital a bit, has been the request to install 30 elliptical bikes so that his players could carry out a session in the same hotel. It was a logistics problem. And, in fact, negotiations have been carried out with several sports centers in the capital for the transfer, a request that is not easy because moving modern machines of this type entails dismantling the installation in which they are located and a subsequent assembly, because the modern machines are connected to electronic devices and their movement is not so easy. Although the German team arrives in Castelló on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 5, after landing at the Vilanova-Benlloc airport, and their last work session was held at their Ciudad Deportiva, the German coach always prepares an activation session in the same concentration hotel.

Sponsors only in five star hotels

Bayern pampers its more than 20 main sponsors and treats them like a king, as the popular expression goes. It is the custom of the Bavarian club that their special guests stay in five star hotels. For this reason, part of the expedition, made up of the most VIP followers, have stayed in a hotel in Valencia, since in the province, despite the high quality of hotel facilities, there is none with the qualification 5 stars and have stayed at the Westin hotel in the Turia capital.

The Bayern coach, on the departure for Spain of the German expedition MEDITERRANEAN

Gala dinner with the players after the game

One of the curious customs of Bayern is to organize a gala dinner on the same night as the match at its end, attended by the players, coaching staff and sponsors. The reason for this celebration on the same day of the clash is that the team cannot return at the end of the game and must do so a day later, because the Munich airport does not open at night. It is precisely this inconvenience that has led Villarreal to change their habits and stay one more day in Germany, not being able to return to Spain due to this circumstance.

A package of 3,000 tickets for his fans

Don’t be surprised if the streets of Vila-real or Castelló are filled with German fans drinking beer. Bayern Munich asked Villarreal for the maximum number of tickets they could offer him. In this way, until 3,000 Germans they will arrive with their ticket insured, plus some two thousand more who will do so with the idea of ​​being able to buy one on resale or having already done so on some of the ticketing platforms that sell tickets. Vila-real will experience one of the biggest ‘invasions’ of visiting fans in its history. In this way, the hotels in Castelló are full in many cases and in others close to their full capacity due to the great demand of followers.

A cautious driver

The Germans are distinguished by their seriousness and sobriety. The Bayern bus was already in Castelló on Monday, rather the two coaches displaced with the characteristic corporate emblems of the Bavarian club, which today will bring the German expedition from Castellón airport and will take them to the field on the day of the match. Despite the barely 10 kilometers that separate the Hotel Luz from the Cerámica stadium, the driver has traveled the route three times today in anticipation of any inopportune mistake to be able to travel the road to the place of the match and arrive with the necessary punctuality. The match between Villarreal and Bayern Munich will start at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 6.