Carlos Mouriño, president of Celta, refuses to negotiate with Denis Suárez

Carlos Mourino does not leave Dennis Suarez no choice but to quit Intermediate sports player if he wants to continue at Celta de Vigo or not sit in the stands next season if he does not manage to get transferred this summer. The president of the sky-blue club made it clear that there are no more options with the midfielder. Celta, owned by his family business, refuses to sit down directly with Denis Suárez as the player proposed to try to find a solution. The club does not even value that option since it understands, in the words of Carlos Mouriño, that “The problem was the bottom of why this situation was reached and if that is not corrected there can be no other solution”.

“Denis Suárez, with his agents, began to hire a series of our players from the lower categories,” recalled Carlos Mouriño. “At the first opportunity they put a boy up for auction for Spain and that, logically, I cannot allow,” explained Carlos Mouriño when talking about the departure of Bryan Bugarín to Real Madrid. The president made it very clear that “as long as Denis is with that representative we are not going to negotiate or sit down with anything” since Mouriño points out that the player “is part of that society“.”If a society like Celta allows a Celta player to auction off his team’s players…“.

Eduardo Coudet hugging Denis (Photo: Twitter).

The veteran leader had already said in the ABC Newspaper that Denis Suárez owns “a percentage” of Intermedia Sport Player to express the serious conflict of interest that may exist between Denis Suárez, Intermedia Sport Player and Celta de Vigo. The president assured in the Cope Chain that “I appreciate Denis and he knows the effort we made. We also know the effort Denis made to come but there are things that are above the players or the president himself”. “Nobody is above the institution and there are things that we will never allow“, he added.

Carlos Mouriño reiterated that Intermedia Sport Player has no option to continue working with Celta, making it clear that a clean slate is not possible. “. Denis has it easy, he can do without his representative, he can do without what he wants or what he sees fit… Then we can talk but, in the current situation, we don’t have to talk.” The president was very forceful about the option of negotiating directly with Denis Suárez the renewal of his contract, leaving Intermediate Sport Player aside, as the footballer proposed this past Thursday at ElDesmarque.

AssentFrom the beginning we clarified very well and I did it publicly. I did it in front of all the parents who represented these children and I did it publicly in the press. Either he resigns to continue collaborating with that agency or with Celta it has nothing to do with it,” replied Mouriño. The president made it clear that “I don’t care who makes the contract, that’s not the problem. The problem was the bottom of why this situation was reached and if that is not corrected there can be no other solution”

Different yardstick with Real Madrid

He was much more conciliatory with Real Madrid. Despite having denounced the bad attitude of the Madrid team in the ‘Bryan Bugarín’ case, assuring that the merengue club did not contact Celta to inform them of its intention to sign the child, the president met with Florentino Pérez this Saturday at the board food.

Carlos Mouriño and Florentino Pérez (Photo: Gol TV).
Carlos Mouriño and Florentino Pérez (Photo: Gol TV).

The good atmosphere, as could be seen in the images recorded by Gol TV, reigned in Los Abetos, the restaurant chosen by Celta, despite the fact that in the first round the Vigo board did not sit in the Santiago Bernabéu box as a sign of protest for the signing of Bryan Bugarín. In this interview on the big game Carlos Mouriño explained that “we expressed it in a way that made it clear that we were not the same in terms of the systems for bringing players and running the academies” and that “we let them know with all the strength we had” that it was not to sit in the Bernabéu box and do Public your anger.


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