Champions League: Pulisic: “Eliminating them last season should give us confidence, but not too much…”

Pulisic be one of the greats threats for Madrid. The attacker of chelsea believes that eliminating the whites gives them confidence for this new tie and that they can repeat the result of the last campaign.


“It’s my job to be focused on the team and the next few games, because we have a lot of important ones and I have to be focused on that. Everything has to do with Real Madrid now and then, with the next game”.

The sale situation

“The team has done very well to overcome this situation, it has responded with good results except this past weekend, which was difficult. I don’t think anything will change for the last part of the season. We try to do our best We have to focus on the next game.”

Superiors last season

“We can take confidence from last year’s results. Of course it’s not going to be easy, but we did it last year and you have to feel confident.”

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“He is our captain, he does a lot of things very well. He energizes the team, he has a great presence and he is very important. I only have good words for him.”

Tuchel’s support after the defeat in the Premier

“We’ve all been through delicate moments, both him and us. We’ve only lost one game, even if it was a crazy result. We have to use it to improve. We’ve handled it well and we’re going to try to react well in the next game.”

your best version

“I feel strong, in good health. I’ve traveled a lot in recent weeks, but I feel good, ready for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. I’m happy with my form, although I don’t like to compare if I played better before or now. I always want to do my best and I’m focused on that.”

Winners in past semi-finals

“It should give us confidence, but not too much. We got it and we have the experience and the confidence that we need in these types of games.”

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“I don’t know if he could compare me to his situation now. He’s a very good player, I’m sure he has many options and he has to choose the best one for him.”

future in the club

“I have years left on my contract. We’ve been successful as a team and I’m enjoying myself, I want to finish the season well and I don’t worry about the rest”.

Difference with Madrid last year

“Some new players, new coach, new system… But I don’t know much. We’re going to keep analyzing to have the best approach tomorrow.”