Champions League: Tuchel: “Madrid can put on great performances on important nights”

Tuchel sail arms in his attempt to return to being the ‘executioner’ of the Real Madridthe one who already left out of the champions in his successful run to the continental title with the chelsea last season.

new owner

“What do I want? A strong squad, a lot of confidence and support.”

Hard defeat in Premier

“We had a bad time. We need time to digest it. We haven’t talked about anything special, we’ve talked about it openly, something normal for us. We’ve set a new goal. We don’t like what happened, it’s atypical for us. We consider it an exception. Monday we are already focused on Wednesday’s game, which is what we need to do”.

I hope that Ancelotti arrives tomorrow, they have told me that he is going to try

Ancelotti’s coronavirus

“Nowadays there is virtual help, so for sure you can talk to the players. Obviously it’s nicer to be present, which is what we love, to feel part of the group and communicate constantly, not only with words, but also with a smile or a smile.” a hug. I hope he arrives tomorrow, they told me he will try. He is a great coach, a great personality, and we would love to have him here”.

Kovacic, against his former team

“He seems like a young star in training, he did great today. He has an exceptional attitude, he’s very kind and humble… It’s a pleasure to have him. I followed his career long before he came here, I knew he had a lot of talent. what it takes to succeed. He’s key for us, not only on the pitch, but also off the field with his behaviour. He’s a team player, he knows what’s missing and what we need.”

We have to play better, but we also need the fans to do better

Rare atmosphere at Stamford Bridge

“We need a good atmosphere. We have to play better, but we also need the fans to do better. We need everyone, it’s a great game. Normally we have a great atmosphere and it pushes us a lot, it gives us energy. It’s what we need in this type of games. We feel how difficult it is away from home, like in Malmoe or in Turin, and we will feel it in Madrid. The players are the first, but everyone has to arrive prepared”.

Differences with last season’s tie

“Last year’s game has nothing to do with it. I haven’t seen it during the preparation, I’ve seen the last ones from Real Madrid, but not those. We don’t think about revenge or anything like that. We want to recover after Saturday’s performance, play well being physical, intense, being focused… We beat Real Madrid last year, but it has nothing to do with it now, with a new coach, new players, with fans in the stadium”.

The key player of Real Madrid

“I love those types of questions, your colleague has already asked me before (laughs). Instead of being boring, praise Benzema. Two years ago I said he was the most underrated player. He has been playing for Real Madrid for about nine years That speaks for itself. Also the way he helped the team eliminate PSG. He has a very important role as captain. He’s impressive, with a lot of personality.”

Madrid won three Champions Leagues in a row with a similar squad, it was impressive and it is normal for the cycle to change over time

If the current Real Madrid is worse

“It’s hard to keep up. They won three Champions Leagues in a row with a similar squad, it was impressive and it’s normal for the cycle to change over time. To reach a final these things can have weight, but we are aware that teams with that experience and that quality can make important performances on special nights. We are looking forward to it. We don’t want to have trouble sleeping thinking about their records. We think of us”.

Christensen and his future

“I’m not worried. I don’t know if his future is clear, but when I talked to him last year, in the summer, in the fall and in the winter, the important thing is that, if he is my player, he is 100% committed, I don’t accept less. I’m not going to go into the percentage of his commitment. He didn’t play on Saturday, but it has nothing to do with this, but to put up a defense of four due to the characteristics of our players”.