De Bruyne vs João Félix: the Premier and LaLiga face to face

Talking about Manchester City-Atletico is also talking about two players of enormous quality and who are going through a great moment of form. The English team welcomes the Vision of the game and determination in front of goal by Kevin de Bruyne to try to dismantle the red and white defense. And Simeone knows that a good part of his tricks to do damage in attack will be in the boots of João Félix, pure talent and that he is at his best since he arrived at Atlético.

The Portuguese has adapted perfectly to this ‘false 9’ opposition in which he acts as the team’s most advanced player, joining his enormous technique and ability to turn and dribble with a forcefulness in the area that until now had not been seen. Goals of pure battering ram with the ability to generate football and last passes that make him currently the most decisive and enlightened footballer in the squad, everything that he went to look for three years ago at Benfica.


De Bruyne got last Saturday the score-breaking goal against Burnley in a pivotal win for City in the fight for the league. Before the break he had exhibited himself in the derby against United with a double and an assist and in total He has 10 goals and three assists in the Premier. According to studies by Olocip, a pioneering international company in the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Belgian is the fittest player in the Premier League and the one who accumulates the most value throughout the course. The one who breaks the defensive locks with his vision and extraordinary hitting and a real danger for the Atlético defence.

João Félix for his part has gone from less to more. He has been winning the minutes, he has found his place on the pitch, he is more committed defensively and his chemistry with teammates is increasing. With his brace against Alavés, the Portuguese accumulates seven goals and two assists in the last eight games. And that huge leap in quality has not gone unnoticed by Olocip. The data shows that João Félix is ​​the fittest player in all of LaLiga. He is in his best numbers since he arrived at Atleti and generates a value of 0.51 every 90 ‘, that is, a goal for Atleti every less than two games, the best of the team.

Photo by De Bruyne

Artificial intelligence makes it clear that the Portuguese is already almost on par with his best season at Benfica (0.57), just before signing. Offensively it has gone on to add almost double the value of a season ago, At 22 years old, it seems that he has matured and since February he is a completely differential footballer. Against Manchester City, João Félix will have to play a fundamental role in stretching the team, give a pause, an exit and the ability to generate danger and try to convert an occasion. Quite a showcase for your growth in the competition you like the most.

De Bruyne and João Félix face each other as the fittest footballers in the Premier and LaLiga. Two players who must also be careful, since they are prepared for the return and in the case of seeing a yellow one they will be more than sensible absences. The spotlights will be on the two stars, on their ability to find their game will depend a good part of the options of the two teams to be in the semifinals. Fun is assured.