Expiring the ATE early is illegitimate, inconsistent and disproportionate

Valencia has submitted allegations to the ATE expiration file, considering it disproportionate, illegitimate and incongruous and a burden against the Administration. It is a letter of arguments because the ATE has not expired.

Valencia CF presented this Tuesday an allegation appeal before the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Works who directs the minister David Spain against in the advance resolution file and declaration of expiration of the Valencia Club de Fútbol Strategic Territorial Action Plan (the “ATE”). Specifically, the club asks for two things: The withdrawal of the file of Early Resolution and Declaration of expiration of the ATE and that the deadlines be reordered, that is, that the deadline to finish all the actions (construction of a new field, demolition of Mestalla and construction of flats on Avenida de Aragón) be extended until 2030. Previously the club had appealed through the courts and this extension.

The club, in the document that it has been able to know TheUncheckshows his firm opposition to the file and explains to the Ministry, within the period of time they gave him to plead, that the legal requirements necessary to expire the ATE are not met because they consider that the entity is not responsible for the delays produced (pandemixa, above all) because they assure that Valencia cannot be held responsible for the delays and they complain because the Administration has not taken it into account at the time of start the case or when he denied the extension.

New Valencia CF Stadium pending the ATE (Photo: Jaume Ochoa)

Not content with this, in its letter Valencia charges forward and accuses the institutions of prior passive behavior during the life of the ATE and considers that It makes no sense to initiate an expiration file and at the same time Valencia is granted 90 days to present a new construction project and its respective guarantees.

The two arguments presented by Valencia to consider that it is disproportionate to expire the ATE

That is why they consider that, in case of declaring the expiration of the ATE, it would be a decision disproportionate because they accuse the Administration of have caused relevant delays in the development of the ATE, especially by the town halland that now it is in a hurry to expire when Valencia, defending itself, has presented (on March 8) a financially backed proposal to finish the Nou Mestalla and the other elements of the ATE. At the same time, as already advanced Valenciahad asked on February 24, the modification of the licenses to make the New Stadium with a maximum but flexible capacity of 70,000 people immediately

In case of declaring the expiration of the ATE, it would be a decision disproportionate because they accuse from Valencia the Administration of have caused relevant delays in the development of the ATE

In its letter, the club also asks that they send them the report it made the legal profession of the Generalitat to Department of Territoryon which the expiration and possible annulment of the ATE was presented, proposes that solve it the ATE; thing that would make the Valencia CF lost a large part of the commercial area on the Avenida de Aragón site and losses of between 15 and 25 million euros.

Valencia CF is still waiting for a response almost a month later and offers a meeting with Fenwick and LaLiga

Valencia does not want to wait more than the Generalitat moves and answers after analyzing the documentation presented on the Nou Mestalla. In the next few days, technicians from the ministries of Town planning and Economy Those from Valencia must contact them to inform them of the deficiencies found in the project presented on March 8 so that they can be corrected and the resumption of the works that have been stopped for 13 years can continue, following the model that exposed his own Mark Fenwick. In that sense, Valencia did not want to wait any longer and this Friday the club has made a move and has requested a new telematic meeting to the Departments of Territory and Economics, which would be attended by the technical, commercial and legal managers of the club to make themselves available for any questions and move forward with the new stadium. The club has offered that they would go to that meeting presidential representatives of LaLiga Santander and brand fenwickthat precisely this Friday defended from incoming attacks.

Economy awaits two reports to rule on the ATE and the project

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Territory directed by Arcadi Spain and Economy (directed by Rafa Climent Compromís) have not yet replied to the club. The first of the ministers has explained that, before knowing if the presented project of the Nou Mestalla is what is wanted. In that sense, in an institutional statement to which he has had access TheUncheckDavid Spain announces the new step they are going to take regarding the New Stadium project and that it goes through two new reports: “Once the documentation from Valencia has been received and after an initial analysis we have asked the IVF (Valencian Institute of Finance, or what comes to be the Bank of the Generalitat) to analyze the guarantees that have been presented to us. also him we have asked the City Council to analyze the ordering of the planningthat is, if it meets the conditions that were signed in the agreement and other incorporations of the ATE from the urban and municipal point of view. When we have the reports, we will assess the solvency and the guarantees provided by the ownership of Valencia”

Now, in addition, his ministry must resort to the appeal filed today.