Jan Oblak after Atlético de Madrid’s defeat against Manchester City: “The series is alive” | Sports UEFA Champions League

John Oblakgoalkeeper of the Atletico Madridensured that the tie for the Quarter finals from Champions League before him manchester City, that won 1-0 in the first leg, is alive and everything is possible for the second leg Wanda Metropolitan.

“Everyone knew it was going to be a very difficult match, we lost but with 1-0 the tie is still alive, at home it will be difficult but they are special matches and anything is possible. City is a great team, one of the favourites, We play at home, with a live result and everything is possible”said the Slovenian goalkeeper.

Oblak praised Atlético’s defensive work and, although his objective was not to lose, he considered that the role of the defense has them with the possibility of coming back.

“I think we have defended quite well the whole game, except for the goal option, I don’t think their changes have changed the game because we closed the spaces, we didn’t come here to lose but with 1-0 the tie is alive,” he added. .

“City plays like this, they have a game with a lot of possession and if you go crazy they punish you and luckily we have stayed cool-headed, closing spaces and now comes the second half in Madrid and we go with all the ambition to go to the Semifinals “.


Diego SimeonAtlético’s coach, acknowledged that the duel against the Citizens was very complicated due to their offensive power.

The cholos He was honest and acknowledged that it’s nice to see a team like the one he leads play Pep Guardiola.

“Very difficult game, a team that plays very well, that achieves a great team based on great individuals, they have scored 60 goals in the last 20 games in this stadium and it is a pleasure to watch them play.

“We wanted to close the game, go on the counterattack, they didn’t shoot on goal in the first half, but neither did we, in the second half they were able to score a goal, a very tactical game in search of what each one thinks they have for look for the pass and we will go to play the game in Madrid,” Simeone said at a press conference.

Diego Simeone, excited about being able to go back to City in Madrid


Stefan Savićdefense of Atlético de Madrid, explained this Tuesday, after the 1-0 defeat against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, that the second leg at the Wanda Metropolitano “will be different” and stressed that his team played a good clash in defense .

“At home it’s going to be a different game. We’re going to have different needs than now. We need to score goals and we’re going to go out to do it. I’m sure,” he told Movistar.

“We don’t like losing. Really, we’re not happy, because we lost, but in the end the result is not so bad, because we played at City’s home, we defended well and he didn’t have many clear chances. We lacked legs in the last meters, because we had some attacks that we could have done better, but I’m calm because we have 90 minutes left in our stadium”.