LEGANES 3 – FUENLABRADA 2 | Comeback with cannon fire to sink Fuenlabrada further

Leganés disguised itself as epic to drown Fuenlabrada’s and come back from a dangerous 0-2 until transforming it into a victory that leaves the pepineros six points from the playoff, a privileged zone that delimits their next rival. Real Oviedo is already waiting at the Tartiereenclosure of sweet memories for the white and blue. Qasmi, Javi Hernández and especially Arnáiz (goal to the squad to put the final 3-2) they buried the 0-2 with which Fuenlabrada came to dominate thanks to goals from Bouldini and Ontiveros (another gem). Bouldini himself sent a ball to the crossbar in the 93rd minute that was about to mean the final draw. Defeat keeps those of Sandoval eight points from salvation that marks the Malaga with only 24 to play. The League This puts an end to three consecutive days without winning and wins for the first time in the Second Division its neighbor to the South.

In the football ignominy of convening the goal caravan on a Monday, the game started bland and with a low pulse. And that the stands responded with a decent entrance that disguised a cold, unpleasant Sunday night. Not for those. Fuenlabrada played to have her and Leganés, to see her pass perhaps confident in the docility of a wounded enemy, perhaps without claws. Error. It was that apathy mixed with overconfidence that fueled the Azulona hope (in Butarque, in Frenadol orange) at the first hint of gunpowder.

Goals in laziness

A well kicked corner Ontiveros and poorly defended in an ineffective mixed zone ended with Bouldini opening the header marker (10′). I crocheted the local chin that, far from reactivating the blue and white faith, anesthetized his spirit even more until drawing the corridor of disdain on which he himself Ontiveros He skied in a 30-meter zigzag that ended with a great goal to the squad from the edge of the field. Two minutes had passed since 0-1 and the Fuenlabrada He was already dominating in an alien roundup, amid the whistling of a surprised and jaded cucumber crowd. She criticizes until she electrocutes the legs of her own, yes, reactivated by the spear before an enemy grown in spirit, but also soft in defense. Staggered in chaos.

It was like that an inside ball from Gaku ended with Randjelovic slipping a fine death pass to Qasmi to cover up the 0-1 mistake and scoring his third goal as a pepinero (20′). Goal with almost mirror replica to the feat of Fuenla. Randjelović a minute later he had Vaseline, but the tie was a foot from the crossbar. The Serbian, one of the novelties of a revolutionized local eleven, brave, but frayed at the defensive seams, was attacking manna on the right side, the one in which he suffered the most Fuenlabrada unstable behind. Orgy of weakness in which she continued to sail the Leganes especially weak also behind his left side. Pedro León and Bouldini were manufactured again (27′) down that highway the third chance most dangerous for visitors before the break.

Shield/Flag Fuenlabrada

Change and comeback

halftime that Nafti dressed as a slate revolution with only a pawn exchange. Cissé took the place of Juan Muñoz and, revitalized the spinal cord with three midfielders, the Lega came out with another verve. The breeze helped to draw just after the clash was reopened. Javier Hernandez (47′) made it 2-2 after a header to the crossbar by Omeruo in a corner kick that Lazar recycled in the play of the goal. The Serbian served it as a heel to Arnaiz to assist the defense. He started another game of indefinite resolution, but repeated weaknesses in both defenses.

Spread tension that swirled around the right hand of José Arnáiz. The talaverano, with a discreet profile during almost the entire game, was full of envy for the great goal of Ontiveros and he sent the big one with a goal full of power like the one that his counterpart from the Fuenlabreña band had done. After a subtle recovery of Cissé in a local corner, the ’10’ hooked the ball in the right corner of the large area and ejected a great goal to the squad that sentenced the match despite the quarter of an hour of visiting outburst, an impulse of faith unable to straighten the course of what promised to be the beginning of his path of faith except for the whiplash to the crossbar with which Bouldini spent his reserves of hope. The duel lasted thanks to the anger between the benches that lasted until the stands.


Seydouba Cisse (45′, Juan Munoz), Aboubakary Kante (59′, David Amigo), John the baptist (64′, Yacine Qasmi), tough (64′, Shibasaki), Robert Ibanez (73′, Lazar Randelović), iribas (75′, Pedro Leon), Ruben Pulido (75′, Alejandro Sotillos), Zozulya (80′, Álvaro Bravo), Trail (83′, Arnaiz)


0-1, 9′: mohammed bouldini0-2, 11′: Javier Ontiveros1-2, 19′: Yacine Qashmi2-2, 46′: Javier Hernandez3-2, 76′: Arnaiz


Referee: Oliver De la Fuente Ramos
VAR Referee: David Pérez Pallas
Shibasaki (42′, Yellow) Pol Valentin (46′, Yellow) Javier Ontiveros (48′, Yellow) Adrian Dieguez (57′, Yellow) Peter Leon (71′, Yellow) Palencia (91′, Yellow) tough (93′, Yellow) John the baptist (97′, Yellow