Osasuna: Lorena Herrera, the scorer who scores on and off the field with ‘Futboleras’

Lto front of Osasuna Lorena Herrera She combines her work as a player with her ambitious project related to women’s football. football players is a women’s football website that she has created together with Luis Moreno, her partner. Both explain in BRAND a very special project.

How did your project ‘Futboleras?

Louis Moreno.Louis Moreno. The idea came from the moment we met. We shared a lot of time and that meant that on weekends we followed Lorena’s competition with Osasuna. I ran into the problem that it was difficult for me to find information on other teams online to follow up on the day. Lorena’s passion for women’s football and my enterprising nature led us to launch this project. We saw that the fact that this discipline was growing was an opportunity and also implied that the project was born and to help give greater visibility to leagues and their protagonists and that people could see how futfem grows.

Lorraine Herrera. Since we released ‘Futboleras’ we have noticed a change. From three years to this part it has grown and there is more and more data. Luis encouraged me to take out this project, we shaped it and took it out. In First National we did not have so much data. It was complicated until you knew who had been first from the rest of the groups to know who you were going to play for promotion with. Not even on Twitter was there so much information, although now it is true that the teams are giving a little more information. The good thing about ‘Futboleras’ is that here we unify all the information in a single place.

What can we find on that website?

LM. At first we wanted to make a simple website, so that the day could be followed in a clear and easy way with classifications and markers, along with interviews with the protagonists so that they could get to know them better, but now it is a project with many things behind it. We want to be a community and that’s why we do raffles, advantages with the ‘partners’ and sometimes games. We’ve been building this for three years. Before there was nothing. There were some websites with interviews or information of the highest category and others at a more regional level. Also some generalist like ‘Futbolme’ or ‘Sigue tu liga’ that gave some information, but it took time to be known, but the change in recent years has been brutal. Right now we have about 2,000 registered users on the platform. At first registration was free and now paid. We have over 300 paying users today. And about 40,000 users who enter each month, while in networks we are close to 10,000 followers, all of them organically.

Who is on the other side?

LM. Within these users many are clubs, also some players (we have a CV of the players that can be downloaded if they are subscribed and it is updated in real time), we also find representatives, media and many fans… we want to continue creating that community. We have experienced many times that they have contacted us from the media such as Footters (their announcers), to interested clubs for different reasons and also fans, especially many moms and dads to provide more information about their soccer daughters and even requesting information on where to play. This part of being useful to them makes us especially excited.

LH. There are more and more analysts in the clubs, something that was not seen before. Before there was none. Osasuna did analysis work, but something very basic. And the clubs are already incorporating people just for your team. You had a person who analyzed things, but maybe it was someone from the top at a general level. Right now we have it more personalized and it shows. Almost everyone in First, Second and even First National (which would be third) there are many people. The sector is growing and little by little it is becoming more professional. This is where Futboleras also comes in to be useful as a source of information with a lot of data on players and teams updated every day and for a cost of only 30 / year, because everything is included with the subscription.

Speaking of a sports career, how does Lorena Herrera combine her two passions and professions?

LH. In that sense, the issue of having the results at the click of a button is something that my colleagues like very much. Sometimes we go on the bus and consult the results of the rest. ‘Futboleras’ is a beautiful project that is good for everyone. They support me a lot in this sense, although as you say sometimes it’s a bit crazy to combine so much work. Between soccer, motherhood and this entrepreneurial project, apart from that I have a job (administrative in a company from Logroño), so there is no time to get bored (laughs). I work an eight-hour day, then I go to Pamplona to train, the hours with the family and the ‘Futboleras’ project. I would prefer the day to have 30 hours instead of 24 because it’s a bit crazy! But I do what I like and I’m happy.

The issue of the thyroid has also given him war in recent times.

LH. It’s been a difficult year. This year has been one of the most difficult of my career and more for health issues than anything else. I had to stand for a whole month doing nothing, but with patience and the support of the family everything became more enjoyable. Last month’s goal against Dépor helped to recover a lot of morale.

What values ​​does Lorena put into this project?

LM. She is the great protagonist of this project. The values ​​that she introduces are: a lot of commitment, a lot of conviction, a lot of work, honesty and desire to do what you like with love and respect towards yourself and the rest of her colleagues. Also with closeness, so that the value of women’s football is not lost, which, the more it becomes media coverage, is lost in some way. But, at the moment, for all that they have had to live through, they are not losing their essence despite the fact that they have not had it easy.

Where is the project going? How is the business model?

LM. In the end, it is about that in this digital environment that we have created we can be entertaining and at the same time useful for the fan, professionals in the sector and gamers. We give you a mixed model of interesting information to better understand women’s football, but if you want to go deeper, we value our work with this payment model. In addition to all the extra advantages that there are. We are clear that this is what we have to continue doing to grow. Work with that information generating entertainment and focusing on greater visibility, such as in the transfer market. We work on it a lot and it is very complete. If you want to enter the details of all the movements you have to subscribe. In addition to that subscription model, we work with programmatic advertising and direct advertising, along with sponsored content where we have to continue growing to fine-tune revenue. We continue to feed the web with new things with more complete data on players, teams and leagues. The idea is to be a Big Data tool to access, each time with an improved format that allows more personalized searches through a dashboard and providing it with a certain AI, being useful both for clubs and representatives and media. communication. We want to become a hybrid between ‘data scouting’, the best follow-up of the day for women and the media, as we say, better information for greater emotion, being useful and entertaining. In the future, a soccer league is also planned. And, thinking big, why not do what we do with all women’s sports and not just soccer. And without forgetting the leg of the services, helping to improve the digital presence of the clubs, with our Web-Widgets development solution, the networks, with the aim of optimizing their information processes, without losing sight of the reality of budgets in the women’s football market and its clubs.

What is more difficult: to make a ‘double’ of goals or to raise this project so that it is a total premium?

LH. Both are very complicated, but I’m going to opt for the second. In the end there are many things and I did not expect them to be so many. Making a web page has become a company, with all that that entails. You look back and realize that the Web presence from the beginning of ‘Futboleras’ has nothing to do with what it is now, we are constantly changing to improve the user experience and be more useful. It was a simple mannequin and we have been putting all kinds of accessories on it. I didn’t know it was going to cost so much, but little by little we are making progress. Before ‘Futboleras’ existed, I was already a geek or whatever you want to call me. He always wrote down the results, the goals, he wrote down if he had scored it with one foot or the other… now it is no longer on paper but in a database.

LM. A ‘doublet’ of goals, if you understand me, anyone can do it. With this project you sweat a lot, because it is not easy to continue growing in such a new market, even with a lot of potential, everything is slower and you have to be very skillful to continue making it viable by optimizing timing and resources.

Finally, how do you see the growth of women’s football?

LH. Everything has evolved, also salaries. First you have to walk before running. It has been growing, although there is still a long way to go before the women’s team reaches the ceiling. But the masculine has nothing to do with the feminine. In that aspect I also have to say that what Spain is like with other countries is very different. In Primera, combining with another job is complicated, I don’t think I know anyone who does it.

Luis Moreno and Lorena Herrera, posing for MARCA after the interview on 'Zoom'

Luis Moreno and Lorena Herrera, posing for MARCA after the interview on ‘Zoom’

LM. I think there is a lot of talk about this. It has grown a lot in the last 5 years and the data is there, both in terms of licenses and audiences. Obviously we have to continue working on equality, which will lead us to be an increasingly better society, but equality is not about being paid the same. There is a market, a hobby… and men’s football has been going on for many more years now and naturally has a larger following. The feminine is growing and that is improving the conditions. The issue of the agreement is one more step, but more than a sex issue it is a market issue and that is a point of view that I think we should not confuse with equality and how the latter is achieved is with more action and fewer words. We are the first who want to take steps, but we must not confuse things along the way. What is clear and objective with data is that women’s football is becoming more and more interesting to the public.