Pellegrini’s plan to dose Betis players before and after the Cup final

A last interweekly match will condition the immediate elections in a squad that shines inside and outside of Spain

Real Betis faces the final stretch of the season in an unbeatable position. As Manuel Pellegrini stated after the thrashing of Osasuna (4-1), everyone would have wanted to continue in the UEL, but the good part of the elimination will be the break between games. Preparing with more than three days each is to the benefit of individual and collective performance. And, although the ‘Engineer’ ruled out that to date there had been an ‘A team’ and a ‘B team’, the truth is that he rotated massively to face the three competitions in which the Verdiblanco team was immersed with guarantees . Now, it will no longer be necessary, so a gala eleven will emerge (in some positions, such as the center of defense, it already did) that will prevail in the most relevant appointments.

The plan of the Chilean coach to dose his men with a view to the final of the Copa del Rey on April 23, a Special Category port in the steep and demanding calendar that remains for Betis, goes through the naturalness in the spare parts, rewarding the good moment of the professionals, without forcing returns or continuities in case the physicist speaks. In this way, with Fekir and Pezzella sanctioned, there was no reason to force the limping Canales, Miranda and Borja Iglesias. The midfielder and the striker, like the World champion and the center-back, will be ready for Cádiz (this Passion Saturday, at 2:00 p.m.), where another will be missing at a critical moment, William Carvalho, due to federal punishment. Guido was the only one of the internationals who hurried having played two games with his national team (Bravo returned earlier for being punished in the match against Peru), but there are contractual demands, weight in Pellegrini’s schemes aside.

After playing at the Nuevo Mirandilla, Betis will repeat at home in Anoeta against a very direct rival in Europe, Real Sociedad. It will be Good Friday (9:00 p.m.), just before a new interweekly matchday that, in the case of the Verdiblancos and Valencia, will be brought forward to Tuesday, April 19 (against Elche, at Villamarín, at 9:00 p.m.). 00) to have a longer rest before the final of the KO tournament, that Saturday (23-A) at ten o’clock at night in La Cartuja. After this vital commitment, which will determine a direct qualification for the Europa League, they will play five stages prior to the goodbye: two in La Palmera (against Barcelona and Granada) and three as foreigners (Getafe, Valencia and Real Madrid). Hardly anything… The task is to fight for the Champions League until the math works out, although it would be done with less pressure, of course, with the second prize (the UEL) in your pocket, without the threat of the Conference League (destination of the sixth, in principle) still pointing.

For Cádiz, the normal thing is for Pezzella (for Víctor Ruiz), Sabaly (for Bellerín), Fekir (for Joaquín), Canales (for Aitor Ruibal) and Borja Iglesias (for Willian José), with Guardado replacing Carvalho, while Bravo would endure under sticks. These strokes are similar to the gala drawing for Pellegrini, but sanctions and injuries will dictate sentence. The fact is that against Real Sociedad and Elche the same goalkeeper will not possibly play, but neither will a little shot in the final, so the coach will give him, at least, the previous clash, if not both. Except for force majeure (what has been said: no one will be forced, with the sole exception of 23-A and in super special cases), the changes will be dictated by normal contingencies, being more common in this last phase that teams of a I meet the next. Against Elche there may be some other reserve. But it is logical: the most important meeting in the recent history of the Heliopolitan entity would come.

The last team break of the season seems to have been a luxury for the Verdiblanca squad, which scratched a draw in Vigo before the ‘impasse’, with their spirits still affected by the harsh elimination in the Europa League, to return with energy, freshness mental and renewed desire against Osasuna, where the significant casualties dragged by the heliopolitans (Pezzella, Canales, Fekir, Borja Iglesias…) were not noticed. Two Verdiblanco players, in fact, have slipped this week on their own merits into the best eleven of the 30th installment of LaLiga: the left-back Álex Moreno (a great goal and an assist to his credit), with a rating of 8.9 ; and the left winger Juanmi Jiménez (with a 9.9, the result of his double goals and decisive passes).

The line-ups prepared by the website specializing in statistics ‘’ could perfectly have also included William Carvalho, with the same 7.9 that has earned him his admission to Granada player Luis Milla, author of a penalty goal, but not many of the beauty of the one signed by the Portuguese international. The Catalan and the one from Coín are also in the best eleven of the five major leagues in Europe. In the latter, only Mbappé (PSG) and Beto (Udinese), with a 10, improve the ex-realist attacker, who has come back on his feet to break the director drought two months later and place himself again, with 18 in total, as the most inspired Spaniard in front of goal on 21/22.