Pompilio Páez referred to the Osorio process


Pompilio PaezWin Sports+ First Touch Guest, He referred to the victory of America against Millonarios and analyzed the difficulties that they had as a coaching staff in the sports project with the ‘escarlata’ team. Juan Carlos Osorio’s assistant assured that there was a lack of unity in teamwork and the departure of players It was traumatic in the process.

Declarations of Pompilio Páez:

Victory of America against Millionaires: The teacher recommended me, he said I was the right person to follow the sports project that he had started, I am eternally grateful to him for the endorsement, in the end the negotiation took place and the club asked me for the favor of directing due to the urgency of the match with Millonarios.

I had 3 workouts to planshow the behaviors that I wanted for this match, for the moment that the team was experiencing.

The idea was to compete, improve our performance in defense and attackprovide security to the team. Fortunately, with the execution of the plan and training, the players played a good gamewe were deserving of the 3 points for the effort, order and intensity with which it was played.

I felt the players engagedthe rival is the best team in positional play, we develop our plan, we analyze their behavior and the credit goes to the players who believed in the plan and they executed it in the best way.

Osorio Project in America: Osorio’s relationship if he had a two-year contract, I, due to economic terms, had a one-year contract, I came to America practically for less than 50% of what I had stipulated in National, I wanted to be with the teacher give America the tint of recovering the image at the international levelbut from the beginning there was many drawbacksfinancial situations, it was traumatic and each defended their position, in the end this ended badly, in the sense that there was no union at work, for a successful sports project there has to be teamwork50% depends on the hiring of players and 50% on the management of the coaching staff and all the areas involved.

We are all responsibleeach one must fulfill their task and the last thing to do is leak them to the media because the players are human beings, there is an extra pressure, there is no harmony and we involve other sectors. Problems are solved through dialogue and reaching agreements.

In America, without our endorsement, the club sold the two central defenders, the winger and the club was left without a replacementUnfortunately they were injured and they had to manage players who were not their natural position. The planning was not adequate.

There is frustration because things, from the beginning, did not happen. The first player we hired was Lemos and he was injured in the third training session, he is a player we saw a lot of projection for, then we couldn’t have Luis Sánchez.

Juan Carlos Osorio: He is the most prepared coach of Colombian Soccerone must make a self-criticism, analyze the next projects that come, the teacher is a top coach, but in the last projects he has had they did not end the way we wanted and this is a teaching to improve.

For what Professor Osorio wants to play, he needs players of a very good level or a long time, but usually big teams don’t wait that long.