Real Madrid: Courtois: “We want to take the tie to the Bernabu”

Thibaut Courtois appears at the press conference prior to the match against Chelsea. The goalkeeper returns to Stamford Bridge, which was his home, in one of the best moments of his career and with stripes within the white team.

the chelsea

“This year it may be costing them a little more due to the situation, but the dynamic is the same, they are a great team”

Best goalkeeper in the world

“I don’t need someone to tell me that I’m the best. I play with confidence, thinking that I’m one of the best. Then, the opinion is up to you. For example, against Celta, Gallardo’s save I thought It didn’t arrive, but with my confidence I said that I had to go and I took it out”

Hazard’s state

“Hazard is a player, a very useful player for us. I know that Denimos is fine and the important thing is that he recovers well so that he can start the preseason well. He would have loved to be here, because he was here for seven years. I am sure he can I still contribute a lot to Madrid. I’m still confident”.

On the list of the best

“The only thing I can do is train hard like when I was a kid and play well. I can’t change the opinion, it depends on the person who is voting. For the prizes and p I think it’s better than journalists, ex-players or goalkeepers. Journalists don’t they know what it is to be under a goalkeeper. The individual thing is nice, but the reward that is worth it is that of the team”

very physical eliminatory

“The master is the one who decides. Otherwise, there would be no need to have a coach. He is the one who decides. Putting a fourth midfielder depends on the idea of ​​the game. The master has a plan and we trained him yesterday and today, but I cannot say a lot”

The penalties in Vigo and the critics

“We are having a good season and the referee’s decisions always create doubts. Football moves and it’s never so no and the referee has to decide. When the penalties were called in Valencia nobody said anything. That’s football”.

The exits in Champions with a goal against in three four games

“I’m in one of the best moments of my career and I hope to help my team in the qualifying rounds. We saw it in Paris and then how we were able to come back at the Bernabu. We want to decide at the Bernabu, the idea is to take the tie there”

Ancelotti’s absence

“We are lucky that the second is his son and he is quite similar. He has participated in video chats and we all know how to work. But the coaching staff does it well and it is not a big problem.”

courteous, savior

“A team that wins trophies needs to have a good defense and a goalkeeper to not concede goals. Modern football is like that. In Vigo I was only there for the first half, in the second except for the goal they didn’t shoot. Keeping a clean sheet helps win games “

the reviews

“It’s something that always happens at Madrid and the only thing we’ve done is win a Super Cup. I have full confidence in the whole team”.

His past at Chelsea

I have good memories. You have two leagues and two cups. I come here to help the team. It is true that my exit was not in the best way, but that’s it.

Differences from last year

“Last year’s tie is different from this one because there were no fans. This is another game and another season. We are very good and with a lot of desire. We want to go out with the right intensity. Against Celta I played a good game and I will try to do more the same tomorrow”