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After the Prosecutor’s Office charged, in 2019, Medardo Alberto Romero Riveros, former legal representative of TicketYa, with the crimes of aggravated racketeering, private corruption and conspiracy to commit a crime, and that he did not accept the charges, a trial is now being prepared in the that powerful Colombian soccer leaders will be heard in the case of the resale of tickets for the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Almost three years ago, in a hearing in the courts of Paloquemao, in Bogotá, The Prosecutor’s Office charged Romero with charges for his alleged participation in the illegal strategy of reselling 13,853 tickets for the Colombia vs. Brazil heading to the World Cup in Russia, game that was played in Barranquilla on September 5, 2017.

The Prosecutor’s Office assured that the sale amount of the 13,853 tickets was projected at 2,835,980,000 pesos, however, the tickets were resold for a total of $5,941,260,000.

The accusing entity added, at that time, that the illegal strategy of reselling the tickets left those involved with a illegal profit of 3,105’280,000 pesos. Of those, said the Prosecutor’s Office, Romero received 940 million as the legal representative of TicketYa.

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The radar to leaders of the Federation

During the 2019 hearing, the Prosecutor’s Office mentioned the interrogation carried out on the former president of the Dimayor Jorge Fernando Perdomo Polanía on September 5, 2018, where he said that payments were made to former directors of the Colombian Football Federation.

Jorge Perdomo was president of Dimayor until June 8, 2018.


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The amount of the alleged bribe, said the Prosecutor’s Office, was three billion pesos that were destined for Luis Bedoya, Ramon Jesurun, and Alvaro Gonzalez, each one received 1,000 million prior to the award of the contract.

This operation, the prosecutor said, was allegedly done to succeed in the award of the 2015 contract.

Now, a lawyer for the defendants asked that Jesurún, who at the time of the events was the president of Dimayor, and who is expected to give an account of the minutes and the process of awarding the contract, be summoned to testify.

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In addition, he asked that Álvaro González, a member of the Federation’s executive committee, be heard, who could testify about the discussions in the framework of the delivery of the contract. Likewise, he would tell how the vote he gave was reached and the discussions that took place for the award of the contract.

He also asked to listen to Celina Sierra, who was general secretary of the Colombian Football Federation.

Perdomo Polanía would be a witness for the accusing body to support irregularities, while Jesurún and González would be witnesses for the defendants’ lawyers to try to prove that there were no crimes.

The judge will have to define which witnesses he will finally accept to participate in the trial.

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