The women’s derby will fill El Alcoraz

It’s been a long time since women’s football has been taking firm steps in its growth in search of being able to approach equality with men’s. In Aragon, that fight is no less and next Saturday the step that will be taken in the community will be giant. Because Huesca and Zaragoza CFF B are going to achieve a milestone that not even the boys have achieved, and that is that the El Alcoraz stadium will hang the sign that there are no tickets and it will be filled for the first time in its history. More than 9,000 spectators will witness the attractive match of the First National.

Until now, andhe record for the Huesca stadium was held by a match between Huesca and FC Barcelona in the 18-19 season that brought together a total of 7,343 fans in the standsbefore the remodeling of El Alcoraz. In addition, Saturday’s derby will become the match with the most spectators in the history of Aragonese women’s football, since it will exceed the 8,000 spectators who attended La Romareda, in June 2009, the final of the Copa de la Reina between Prainsa Zaragoza and Espanyol. Everything is predestined for the duel between the two teams in the community to be experienced as a party on a day that has been in preparation for weeks but has exceeded the expectations of even the most optimistic.

“The idea came at the beginning of the season. Already last year a Huesca Women’s match was played in El Alcoraz but, due to covid restrictions, only 700 people could come and we are left wanting more”, says Azucena Garanto, head of the club’s women’s section. With the slogan It’s time to see it, a campaign was launched that had its turning point on March 8. «We placed a banner of more than 12 meters on a building in the center of Huesca. Since then, people have turned to the initiative and, given its acceptance, they forced us to change the slogan to It’s time to fill it up. And so it will be.”


The milestone is reminiscent of the one from just a few days ago at the Camp Nouwhere 91,553 spectators witnessed the classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which was a world record for attendance in a women’s match. «It has been very good for us, we have noticed the drag effect. And although, logically, we cannot even come close to those numbers, for us it is just as important. We are very excited”, says Garanto. «The proximity in time of the next derby in Second It has also helped us.”

“We have to try to ensure that the talent we have in the community does not have to leave to grow”

Azucena highlights, to have been able to make this dream come true, the support of the different organizations that have joined the cause. «It has been a strong and indispensable point. Public institutions such as the Women’s Institute, collaborators or sponsors, together we have managed to give the event maximum publicity. It has been shown that if you bet on women’s football you can get great results“, I assure.

This will be the most special day for the women’s section of the entity, which was born in 2017. «The club bet and continues to bet very strongly on us. We already have more than 100 girls and we are trying to become more professional every day», says Garanto, who calls for Aragonese women’s football to gain weight at the national level. “There is a lot of talent in this community. Weapons must be gathered to keep it here so that they do not have to go abroad to continue growing».